Foreplay The perfect technique

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Foreplay in ancient times was meant to prepare your partner for the purpose of sexual intercourse. In recent times, foreplay is considered to be a very important part of a lovemaking experience. You may think that unprepared sexual act in the absence of foreplay can provide a better sexual experience, however in general, the female population will agree to the fact that experiences of a good sexual act always follow after a great foreplay. A more watchful form of foreplay will bring enjoyable pleasure to your partner and you giving you the most pleasurable moments in your lovemaking process.

Add spice to your lovemaking process
As your age increases, you and your partner should look for some extra spice to feel totally sexually aroused and gain maximum satisfaction. You will be able to get such kind of pleasure only if you know the art of foreplay. This is the goal of foreplay. A man has to extend his foreplay for proper erection and the woman too requires the same for becoming completely aroused. A majority of the sex experts have the opinion that foreplay does not mean spending considerable amount of time on it. The magic lies in experiencing the intercourse when you and your partner reach the peak of excitement and cannot control your desires any longer.

What exactly is Foreplay?
You need to learn the art of foreplay, the perfect technique that includes a variety of activities such as fondling, hugging, kissing, perform oral sex and petting. What is the importance of foreplay? Firstly, men who kiss and cuddle their partners and are aware how to gain pleasure through foreplay, the perfect technique and will be able to see their partners not only reach orgasm with minimal difficulty but will also find their partner enjoy the sexual intercourse to the maximum extent. Most of the times, women require prolonged stimulation to reach their state where they get maximum arousal and foreplay is the factor which will help them reach that heightened stimulation.

Ultimate Foreplay is not required
Ultimate foreplay does not exist and it does not mean always being right in what you do. It is all about understanding your partner’s requirements and giving her that unique sexual pleasure. All women are not the same. Some may get aroused with a light kiss around their necks while others get aroused through oral stimulation.