For burns, running cold water is best remedy


Melbourne – As it is said that old is gold hence the remedies of olden times are also time tested and are considered to be the best. Now it has become a habit of ours that if we get burn, we immediately immerse our hand into cold running water. Though it has been remedy that is followed since time immemorial but recent researches have found that it is the best remedy for burns.

However, they are still naive about why this happens.

The Scientific Congress of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) where Professor Roy Kimble, director of the Burns and Trauma Unit at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Brisbane said that though there is an augment in the use of alternative treatments for burns, water still rules the roost.
“We don’t know why the water running over the burn makes a difference, but it does,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Kimble, as saying.

He pointed to that choice treatments had no real benefit, whereas water “lessens the depth of the burn, which speeds healing, which in turn limits scarring”.

“We will investigate over the next few years why running water is so important, what the optimal duration is and the delay after the burn where such first-aid treatment is still worthwhile. We believe such research will form the basis of first-aid burns treatment guidelines for the rest of the world,” he said.

The general recommendation to parents at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead is that if their children get scalds they should run cold water on the burn for no less than twenty minutes.

For those who apply a cold wet cloth, they should rinse it in cold tap water every minute so that the cloth doesn’t get warmed up at all. Even they advise against applying ice, iced water or any other creams or lotions.

During his address to the discussion Kimble also called for federal government funding of microskin mask, a computer color matched disguise used by burns patients to camouflage scarring. This spray-on product can last for days after being applied to marked skin.

“Some people adjust to burns scars but others suffer great psychological distress because of the scarring. We believe this product should be funded to allow it to be available to those who need it,” commented Prof. Kimble.

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