Foot Care


We all take care of our face, health, hair, hands, clothes, but how many of us do really pay attention to our feet? This is because they are the most neglected part of the body. But what we do not realize is that they are actually very important as they absorb about 5 times the weight of our body and keep us running. There are 26 bones in one foot which is a quarter of the total bones in the body. These bones are combined with an intricate network of both muscles and tendons.

One can take care of the feet by following four important things:

Take care of the feet, keep the nails of the toes trimmed and shaped, remove the dead skin, and regular massage of the feet and ankles.

Here is a foot care routine which is easy to follow and should be performed a number of times in a week.

Start off by removing the dead skin with the heal pod a scrubber of a sloughing cream. You can remove the dead skin more easily if you soak your feet in hot water. This is because the hot water loosens the dead skin cells and thus it becomes easy to remove it.

In a bowl of hot water, add some mineral salt and some drops of lavender essential oil, then soak your feet for about 5 to 10 minutes. This will help in soothing the aches and ease swelling.

Remove your feet from the bowl and soak dry. Trim the nails of the toes with an emery board.

With a nourishing cream, massage your feet with your thumbs. In a circular motion, massage the ankle bone to relieve it from stiffness.

With cotton wool, wipe off the excess cream if any and separate the toes by placing cotton wool tufts in between the toes.

Apply a nail paint of your choice with two coats. Add a third coat if needed. When applying the paint, start from the middle of the nail and then with gentle strokes, paint the side of the nails. Let it dry off for half an hour and then slip into your shoes.