Foot care


Our feet not only carry the entire weight of our body but they also come in contact with various kinds of surfaces and footwear. This can sometimes lead to various foot problems like poor blood circulation, corns and calluses, infections caused by bacteria and fungi as well as pains and aches. Feet should always be kept clean and well cared for in order to avoid such problems.

Toes should point straight ahead while standing or walking. Feet should be arched slightly so that the soles of your feet can support body weight. Walking barefoot in the grass is also beneficial for your feet. Standing on tiptoe helps to strengthen the feet arches and curling up your toes gives more strength to the metatarsal arch.

Excessively tight footwear affects blood circulation and causes friction, which can lead to corns and calluses. The front of the shoes should be open to give enough room for the toes to breathe. Closed footwear should be avoided specially during hot weather, since open sandals help to air the feet and keep them dry.

A pedicure that includes a foot massage is good for the feet. The rotator and the massage help to relax the feet and keep them in good condition and also relieve tension as well as fatigue.

Alternative hot and cold footbaths help to heal aching feet and improve blood circulation. Take a bucket each of hot and cold water. The water level should reach up to your leg calves. First, dip your feet in hot water for 2-3 minutes and then switch to the cold water for the same duration.

This process should be repeated at least five times. The feet should then be dried and massaged with a foot care cream. Foot problems are very common and a little care can help us avoid them.

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