Foods That Cause Inflammation Of The Stomach

Foods That Cause Inflammation Of The Stomach

Foods That Cause Inflammation Of The Stomach

Who is not aware of the disease named ‘gastritis’? definitely everyone of us have faced such situations when we take Diagene, ENO (fruit salt ) or any other medicine to get rid of  gastritis. Cramps, giddiness, feeling of vomiting, bloating are sometimes considered as the symptoms of stomach infection no doubt they are the symptoms of infection but all these symptoms also lead to the problem of gastric.

This problem makes a person go crazy if is not treated properly sometime whole nights go sleepless because of this problem Many times people go to the dinner or attend wedding where they eat a variety of food which is made up of spices and lot of oils and such foods turn your good night sleep as a ‘nightmare’. Lots of precautions should be taken while eating on such occasions.

Gastritis Symptoms And Effects:

Anyone who suffers from gastritis knows very well how uncomfortable the burning, tightness, cramping and bloating. All these sensations are part of inflammation. The discomfort appears mostly on the highest part of the belly, in the stomach. Many people, because of misinformation about the disease treat it quite lightly and due to that the symptoms worsen with an inadequate diet.

Gastritis symptoms

Many people do not even realize how much that food can irritate the gastric mucosa. Some foods promote the secretion of gastric acids and therefore should be taken with caution, because they attack the stomach lining. They irritate the stomach lining creates inflammation. Eating right type of food can help in fighting with this inflammation without making a fuss out of it.

Avoid Products Rich In Colorings And Preservatives

Products rich in colorings and preservatives, such as powdered drinks and snacks should be avoided. Once they are consumed they create inflammation, these condiments have a great potential to further aggravate the situation, because they cause irritation of the gastric mucosa,” says nutritionist.

snacks should be avoided

Chewing Gum Are Not Good

Chewing gums, with or without sugar are also harmful. The stomach is preparing to receive the food that always chews something. This preparation involves producing an adequate amount of acid to the digestive process. “With the arrival of food, the acid performs its function and is not harmful to the stomach wall.

Chewing gum are not good

But when chewing the gum, the stomach got ‘wrong’ message. There is the arrival of food in the stomach cavity and therefore the amount of gastric juice produced can injure the stomach to gastritis attack, “warns nutritionist Amanda Epiphanes.

A Big No To Fried Foods And Sausages, Salami And Bologna

The effect of the embedded associated with the amount of dyes and preservatives that these foods contain. It causes irritation to the stomach wall. Also With the fries, the process is very similar. Preparations of chips are usually done in the oils which are reused, which cause great stomach irritation and exacerbate the symptoms of gastritis.

fried foods and sausages

This is because they produce oxidizing agents that increase gastric irritation. However, this irritation is not only restricted to the fries soggy. The fries sequin has with innocent appearance; they are usually fried in hydrogenated fat or trans. This quality of fat mostly irritates the stomach and has a potential to further increase inflammation, concluded the expert.

Consumption Of Red Meats Should Be Avoided

The stomach is solely responsible for the digestion of protein foods like meat, inducing further release of digestive enzymes and may worsen the inflammation.

Consumption of red meats should be avoided

According to nutritionist Amanda Epiphanes, in addition to proteins, fats present in some cuts of meat such as steak, make slower digestion, stopped making the food in the stomach for a longer period, thus worsening the stomach symptoms.

Food Items Which Can Cause Gastric Discomfort

Leite and its derivatives, such as yogurt, butter, and cheese, curd is also harmful at the time of gastric. The milk and dairy products are part of the protein, and digestive alteration is similar to the meat.

Dairy Products

Their consumption should never be used in an attempt to improve gastric pain, because there will be an immediate improvement in response to the arrival of food in the stomach, but the worsening of gastritis will come soon afterwards.

Sugar and sweets such as pastries, filled biscuits, ice creams and candies has a fast digestion, and can increase fermentation and cause gastric discomfort. They have a function similar to chewing gum and ice cream, because they are milk-based and rich in fat which further aggravate gastritis.


Condiments strong as pepper, spices , soy sauce, ketchup, mustard sauce makes the inflammation more worsed. Nobody in their right mind would put a drop of peppermint in an open wound. The same goes for our stomach.

“In gastritis, there is an inflammatory process and consumption of pepper can hurt or aggravate the initial injury. The other sauces are high in preservatives and condiments also worsen the picture,” warns the expert.


Caffeine, present in coffee, black tea and mate and cola soft drinks irritates the stomach further making it worse. This substance is a potent gastric irritant and should be avoided during treatment of gastritis.

Citrus fruits such as orange, tangerine, lemon, pineapple and kiwi also play a vital role in aggravating the gastric problem if consumed during that period. The acidity of citrus fruits can aggravate gastric damage and cause pain.


Smoking impairs the digestion and can cause gastrointestinal illness. Tobacco also facilitates infection by bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Replace the habit of lighting a cigarette after lunch by another technique that diverts attention. In addition, tobacco alters the taste and induces the production of hydrochloric acid and facilitates infection by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori, which causes the stomach ulcers.

Cigarettes are not only is injurious to health but also harms the stomach.The nicotine in the digestive system causes the decrease of the contraction of the stomach, just difficult to digest. Between it and the esophagus is a muscular valve that prevents stomach fluid back to the previous body, called reflux.


This muscle is weakened by the continued use of cigarettes, increasing the contact of stomach acid with the esophageal mucosa. Smoking after meals makes digestion worse. The cigarette also encourages the attendance of bile salts in the intestine to the stomach, making gastric juice more harmful.

Ruchi Thukral