Flat Head Syndrome


Babies are very delicate and must be handled with care. There are many disorders that could affect babies if necessary care is not taken. One of these conditions is flat head syndrome.

What flat-head syndrome is?
This is a disorder that affects the skull of babies. It is also called plagiocephaly. It makes the back or side of the babies head look flat. This flatness of the head comes about due to the fact that babies spend most of their time lying down on their backs. Just consider the life of a baby. Unless someone lifts her up she is not able to get up. The skull of a baby is very soft. Whiles they are lying down, babies put a lot of pressure on their head. When the pressure becomes too much for one side of the head, it becomes flat. That is why the condition is called flat-head syndrome.

How to avoid your baby developing flat-head syndrome?
The number of babies with flat-head syndrome has been on the increase in recent years. From the time the Back to sleep campaign which is aimed at reducing cot death started, most babies have been spending much of their time lying on their back when they are sleeping. If you put your baby in the seat of a car for long hours, it means she is putting much pressure on the back of her head.

You must balance the time your baby spend lying on her bed and car seat by giving her a lot of tummy time when she is awake. If you put a rolled-up towel under the head end of your babies’ mattress you will help your baby sleep without much pressure on one part of her head.
For babies who cannot turn their heads when lying down can be helped by physiotherapy.
If you realise that your baby is developing flat head syndrome, try putting her toys on the other side of the bed. She will turn to play with them thus removing the pressure from the other side.

There are certain helmets that are made to solve the problem of plagiocephaly. But whether they are beneficial is a controversial topic.

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