Five Best Remedies For Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Five Best Remedies For Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Five Best Remedies For Sore Breasts During Pregnancy During pregnancy, a woman undergoes a lot of changes in her body. Some changes are not even noticeable and cause very little discomfort while some changes are easily recognized like problems due to hormonal fluctuations during pregnancySore breasts are one of these changes that are caused in a woman’s body during this phase.

It may be caused due to hormonal fluctuations, muscle strains or premenstrual syndromes. Wearing tight clothes during pregnancy may lead to tender and subsequently sore breasts. Though this can heal up itself in a couple of months, but there are various treatments that can be taken to get rid of your discomfort. Here are the best five remedies that can prove to be very effective in the treatment of sore breasts:

Remedies for Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Herbs and Natural Products

Marigold and chamomile are excellent remedies for treating sore breast problems. They have anti inflammatory properties that prevent any kind of pain and inflammation and soothe the skin to a large extent. Apart from this, you can also apply lanolin cream on the tender areas of your breasts and the nipples regularly and preferably before going to sleep. This will reduce the dryness of the skin and make the breasts soft and supple.

Warm Bath

Taking a warm water bath is very comfortable for reducing the swelling caused by sore breasts. It is always recommended to check that the temperature of the water is below hundred degrees Celsius as even a degree above than this is very harmful during pregnancy period.

Cooling Effect

Five Best Remedies For Sore Breasts During Pregnancy

Applying an ice pack on the sore breasts helps in easing out on inflammation. You can either massage the area with an ice cube or use an ice pack over it. Cloth soaked in cold water can also be used to massage this area for giving it a soothing effect.

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Avoid Sour Food

Avoid any kind of sour food in your diet and reduce your salt intake. It is also advised to avoid certain kinds of soy products that are not good for the breasts and make it sore. Also, avoid caffeine as well as spicy foods as these are not good for the metabolism system of the body.

Wear Loose Clothes

Always wear clothes that you fit into. During pregnancy it is quite normal to put on more weight than the body is actually accustomed to. So, if you have been wearing your old tight clothes during this time, then you should immediately change into new ones. Tight clothes may also cause sore breasts so, it’s always recommended to wear loose clothes during pregnancy.

Having a sore and tender breast during pregnancy is anything, but natural. Almost all women have to go through this. So, it should not be the reason of your concern till it pains or causes severe discomfiture. The remedies that are mentioned here are effective as well as natural and simple to use.

The best part is that these methods do not cause any side effects and all can be easily followed. You should always remember that sore breasts is just a sign of pregnancy and will fade away in a couple of months. Therefore, there is absolutely no need to lose your sleep over it.


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