First Time Sex: Important Facts Young Adults Should Know

first time sex tips Sex is one of the most beautiful ways of expressing love for your beloved. It is also one of the most exciting and pleasurable journey of an individual’s life when the person grows from a kid into an adult and becomes aware of the genitals and how to seek pleasure through them.

However until we perform sex for the first time we may have many wrong concepts and notions about sex which may prevent us from enjoying and getting the most out of sex. Therefore those who are going to have sex for the first time must know certain essential facts to enjoy the most from their sexual encounter and make it a lifetime pleasant memory.

People may have various attitudes and beliefs towards sex but certain essential facts must be clear before a person goes into a sexual relation. These facts help the person to remain prepared for what to expect from the sexual intercourse and also take proper protection against possible contact of sexually transmitted diseases and infection and also unwanted pregnancy.

As a kid grows up to be a teenager and puberty sets in curiosity regarding sex enters the mind and various means are chosen to know and learn about sex. Often a teenager lands up getting an unreal picture about sexual facts as information comes in distorted form from unreliable sources. Therefore proper sex education and parental guidance are important for teenagers to know the truths about first time sex.

Important and interesting facts about sex for everybody

Sex is something that can only be appreciated and enjoyed when the whole body and mind in total union accepts sex as an art and not as something wrong. Sexual activity done without guilt is most enjoyable and cherished by everybody.

Sex isn’t forbidden to anybody but proper sense of morality, laws of civilization and also safety reasons bind us to be selective about when and with whom to have sex. Teenagers become physically capable to do sex but it is recommended not to perform sex until they grow into young adults as they will be in more matured condition to understand and appreciate sex in the best ways.

Sex is believed to reduce calories and also help in maintaining a proper balance of the mind by keeping it refreshed. Sexual intercourse releases certain hormones which actually stimulate our mood and also makes headaches go away!

Practice of safe sex and use of protection is recorded in history and dates back to the 15th century in many countries. Sex is required to have babies but most of the times we have sex for fun; this has been confirmed in certain animals as well. Therefore to enjoy sex proper knowledge must be acquired and also psychological inhibitions must be given up.

Facts and essential tips for young adults contemplating first time sex

Sex is always a pleasurable activity but having sex for the first time becomes an important milestone in our lives. All of us have viewed and thought about sex much before even we did it. We usually harbor ideas and in reality we find something else. Therefore first we must learn the truths about sex before doing it for the first time.

Females need love, care and protection through men and therefore men should understand that hurrying in the sexual act may leave the female unsatisfied which gives her a negative impression. Foreplay is very essential to arouse the woman and make her body get ready to enjoy sex.

Sex is a physiological activity which involves both the body and mind; essential hormones get secreted and the male and female genitals secrete lubricants that can make the sexual activity easy and pleasurable. When a female is virgin and is going to have sex for the first time it may not be easy for either the man or woman. There needs to be patience and no scope should be given for negative feelings to creep into the mind.

There are individual differences regarding the view about when to begin having sex; some people may not want to have sex until they get into a meaningful relationship or marriage while others may like to have sex much earlier. However, sex is not a forceful activity and a man and woman can enjoy sex with mutual consent and agreement. Sex may be an impulsive activity but proper safety shouldn’t be forgotten nor should the sexual activity be regretted later on.

First time sex may hurt in case of the virgin female as her hymen, a film of skin cover on the vaginal opening, remains intact before sexual penetration. The hymen tears with a successful penile penetration which may hurt and result in little bit of bleeding.

A female having sex for the first time should be prepared to bear this much pain. But many girls who have indulged in sports activities or heavy work may have broken hymen already and shouldn’t worry if they don’t bleed the first time they have sex.

Sexual positions are not pre-decided; the positions happen as and when the boy and girl get aroused and find the positions that are most suitable naturally. A very important fact about first time sex is that most of us have preconceived ideas from friends and books that sex is a very exciting and pleasurable activity and we may feel that the first time we do it we are also bound to get orgasm.

Such preconceived ideas shouldn’t be carried while performing sex for the first time; sex is also an art which requires practice and experience to understand it which eventually lets us understand how we can get most pleasure from our partner and also give back the same to him or her. Foreplay plays a major role in preparing the body and shouldn’t be ignored. This will make the vagina moist which assists in penile penetration with less pain.

And the most essential thing is don’t have sex just for the sake of having it to prove to your friends or yourself that you are a grown up now. This is a big blunder as it may leave the individual with negative inhibitions which may interfere with his or her future sexual activities. Hence, the guideline is to go ahead for sex with proper knowledge and enjoy it with a free mind and body without any inhibitions.

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