First Time Sex

Sex is the most amazing way to pleasure oneself. However, things can go pretty bad during the initial sexual experiences. Experience is the key to enjoying sex more and more. However, you do have to start somewhere. Here are a few tips for beginners.


Being relaxed is very important, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Relaxation will also give you confidence. Therefore, it is essential for both of you to be relaxed. Do not rush into sex. Take a lot of time, may be a whole day. Enjoy yourselves so that you relax in each other’s company and then have sex.


Be sure that both of you want to do it. You do not want to force your partner into this. Both of you should be ready to take your relationship to a new level. Both of you should be mature enough, both physically and emotionally, to do this.

Be comfortable

If you are doing it for the first time, you should find yourself a comfortable place. You might have watched how it is done, but remember you will not know until you do it and you sure do not want anything to go wrong. Therefore, find a comfortable place, just so that you know back seat of a car or truck is not comfortable.

Play safe

If one of you is not a virgin, then this is especially important. Use proper protection like condoms to avoid any unwanted diseases. Make sure you are using a condom if she is not on the pill; you do not want a baby, do you?

Communicate with your partner

You will need to talk to your partner about this. Be open and tell her that it is your first time; there is no point in pretending because she will find that out on her own. This is very intimate and you should discuss it with her. This will prepare you both.

Do not fear

Do not be afraid. This will ruin everything. Remember that you are not doing something wrong here. When you feel aroused, just follow your heart and you will know what to do and how.

Do not go all the way

When you are having sex for the first time, you do not need to have intercourse right away. You can mutually masturbate. She can give you oral sex with her hands or mouth and you can do the same to her with your hands or mouth.

Go light

Do not eat a lot. You do not want to fall asleep on her. Also avoid too much alcohol because otherwise you will end up spending more time in the bathroom than the bedroom.


With these things in mind, enjoy sex because it is the most blissful and enjoyable natural experience you can have.