First Date Ideas

First Date

Going on a date for the first time means a lot of excitement, suspense, love, romance and getting to know each other more. It is an occasion that must be made special. The whole process of preparing for the first date requires planning a lot of things. In the planning process comes on zeroing down a place where both the people can meet. It is also about planning some surprising moments for your date and dressing up nicely.

The very first decision is deciding which place to go. The very usual place where most people go is a restaurant. If you also want to stick to the norms take your date to a quiet cozy restaurant where you both can chat and get to know each other better. In case you want to experiment and want to keep it stylish take your date to a club where you can play pool, mini golf or such indoor games that are all about class and sophistication.

If your date likes to enjoy and have fun and is a simple person, take him/her to a beach and have fun. Go surfing, water skiing and opt for such adventurous water sports. You may also go to an amusement park.

You can choose to go in a live concert or play if your date is creative and loves theatre and music.

When you have decided which place would be best for both of you to go, you must decide on some gift that you will carry for your date. For a sophisticated and a classy date take a gift that will match the occasion. Expensive and classy cologne or a perfume will be great if you are a girl. If you are a guy you may choose to gift her a beautiful ring or neck piece. For a fun loving casual and a more relaxed date take a simple yet special gift. If you are a girl go for a funky t-shirt and if you are a guy take along some beautiful flowers, card or a cuddly teddy bear.

You can plan to do something very special for your date. If you are going to a restaurant, order for a cake in advance. Bring it in front of him/her for an unexpected surprise. So, plan of more surprising ideas to make your date feel special.

Richa Kumar