Fingers In Sex

Fingers In Sex

Sex is a matter that not only involves the genital parts of man and woman but they are many. In fact, some of the parts are just forgotten labeling that they cannot come under ‘sexual organs’. Well, here, fingers could be the best example those are generally kept aside while playing sex! Here, we try to reveal about fingers in sex.

The Rubber

Clitoris Is The Site To Be For Most Women As When She Is Enough Self-lubricated

The clitoris is the site to be for most women as when she is enough self-lubricated, or you put some water-based lube on your fingers, using the tips of the index and middle fingers for rubbing her clitoris softly in circular motions gives great pleasure there play important role as fingers in sex. Her reaction will let you know that you are on to a perfect path! Continue the pace and slowly start to increase speed. At no point, nevertheless, should you go so fast that that might result up losing focus.

If she shouts out something like “Do not stop!” then do not stop. Some women, nevertheless, like it when you take a break from the clitoris and proceed inserting those very same fingers into the vagina at a rhythmic pace that give heavenly pleasure. Take cues from her reactions to see if she is one of those women.

The Fastest Finger

Spread Her Legs Open And Start Kneeling In Between Them

To learn fingers in sex, know that your woman prefers to have slow, exaggerated sex, or hop up and down on you like a piston? If it’s the latter, then use the middle finger to go in and out of her at high speeds might be beneficial in the orgasm department. You would be best served to position yourself in front of her cunt (that is, spread her legs open and start kneeling in between them). This way, you can keep your hand straight and ensure that your fingers are going in at full capacity. It also lessens the chances of missing the target.

The Helping Hand

Multiple Sensations Serve Increasing Her Chances Of Reaching Orgasm

If you could manage using both hands at different tempos, she might keep getting wetter. While using the tips of your fingers on one hand to rub her clitoris in a circular motion, use the index and middle fingers of the other hand to glide in and out of her vagina. These multiple sensations serve increasing her chances of reaching orgasm. And it is not a race; you do not have to go as fast as humanly possible. Just keeping steady strokes would be better. If she wants it faster, she’ll let you know.

Some Interesting Facts About Fingers In Sex

The length of a child’s fingers can point to whether he or she is likely to be gay in later life, according to a study linking finger patterns to sexual orientation. In the mater of fingers in sex, scientists believe the findings reveal a link between levels of exposure to sex hormones during fetal development and established differences in finger lengths between men and women.

In women, the index finger – or forefinger – is typically almost the same length as the ring finger, or fourth digit. In men, the index finger is more often shorter than the ring finger. The effects tend to be greater on the right hand. This difference between the sexes is established at the age of two. Because all sex differences in pre-pubescent children are the result of exposure to male sex hormones, or androgens, in the womb, scientists believe finger differences are also due to differential exposures to fetal androgens.