Fingernails – How to Care For Them


Yes, we all have them and use them in some form every single day. We decorate them, paint them, polish them, dig things with them and even chew on them and these things that we use all of these for are called finger nails.

Yes, the finger nail is the most used part of the body along with the hands and feet. The use of the finger nail is so popular, that every year, millions of people spend over billions of dollars worldwide on manicures and other fingernail maintenance services.

Most people decorate their finger and their toe nails for style and/or depending on the culture of the people, as a sign of status and level of respect.

Typically, people who receive nail care in the United States, have their nails polished and have decorations put on them and show them off to whoever sees it like girls and women, while some people just have their nails trimmed and cleaned, like guys.

For most guys, nail care consists of just cutting and trimming the nails, while other guys have the nails totally manicured (not to say that most guys do not care about the care of their nails, it’s just that some do not get fancy with nail care like people in the public eye.)

For most girls and women, nail care ranges from cleaning, polishing, adding fake nails onto fingers and/or decorating them and this also applies to toe nails.

Also, the care of both toe nails and finger nails is a sign how a person value himself or herself. For example, when someone does not take good care of his/her nails, that is usually a sign that the person does not care about his/her appearance but a person who has his/her nails cleaned, polished and trimmed, then that is usually a sign that the person cares about his/her appearance.

So if you care about yourself and your nails, then take care of them as much and as often as you can and for those who do not; well, you got more important things to worry about. For those nail-biters and chewers, you are on the right track but be careful not to chew too hard and too much, for you might be chewing off some of the skin on your fingers and may start to bleed.