Find What Your Child is Good at!

child talent

Each one of us has a special skill set and interest areas. Some of us love to dance, while others are interested in reading, theatres, sports, and even sleeping. As a parent it becomes an important task to know and understand what one’s child’s interest areas and special talents are.

This is so because it can help one in channelizing one’s child’s energy in the right direction and can help one in making most of one’s time in a constructive manner. One can do so by doing some simple things.

As a parent, try to expose one’s child to as many activities, as possible. More the variety, better it is. For this one may read books to one’s child, one can sing a song or play a variety of music for them. One can also buy some easy games and puzzles for them. One can enroll one’s child in some dance or karate, etc., classes too. Instead of enforcing something on them, let them experience the fun part associated with the activity. If they are disinterested in it, you needn’t push because as a parent you want them to know their interest area and not yours.

One must observe one’s children carefully and should try to know how they are getting engaged in the activity, what is the time span of their likeness, and try to support them while they are involved in the activity. Try to teach them how to do things on their own, try making them confident about things, let them fail and allow them to learn from their mistakes and try knowing the time they take to learn something. This can help one in knowing the attention span and the learning pace of one’s child.

One needn’t follow the rule of thumb when with children and let them enjoy things their way, try to get involved with them, let them exhibit their creativity. One must also try to know that does one’s child loves to share with others or likes to do activities on his/ her own. By this one can know that whether one’s child is an extrovert or an introvert and accordingly can take actions. And as parent always remember that one should never criticize one’s child’s interest area.