Feng Shui To Boost Your Love Life

Feng Shui

Have you ever noticed which way you are facing when you are sleeping or how your bedroom doors open or whether the room is properly ventilated or not? If not, start noticing. Who knows, it might be the wrong positioning of objects that is making your life so dull or making your love life difficult.

Well, if you are thinking of such a problem, don’t worry. Feng Shui is here to boost your love life. The traditional Chinese art dealing with the positioning of different objects in favourable directions have become extremely popular in modern times. It is known to bring in positive energy and work wonders.

In order to make your love life even more interesting and amazing you can follow some simple Feng Shui tips. The masters of this art assure people that once you start following these little guidelines love will be in the air and romance will not leave you.

To start off, you can decorate the south-western part of your home with small rocks or stones. This part is very important for romantic relationships and must be taken care of. Pictures of water or mountains can also be used here. If you can arrange for an indoor water fountain for the south-west corner of the house, nothing can be better than that. It will bring you good luck in your love life

You should never sleep facing the doors. According to Feng Shui, it can hinder your love life. Decorate your rooms with beautiful pictures that depict love. These can be pictures of two birds, flowers or even happy couples.

Try to keep your room as clean as possible. Do not mess it up. So, keep your clothes folded and the room clutter free. Do not keep fused lights in a room. This would allow positive energy to seep into your life and accordingly would also boost your love life. The bedroom door should also open easily without squeaking.

Toilets should never be in the south-west corner of the house. Since Feng Shui gives a lot of importance to this direction, in terms of romance, a toilet in this direction indicates flushing out of the romance.

The room must have cozy seating arrangements with sofas placed comfortably. A television should not be kept in the bedroom if you are looking to boost your love life.

Moreover, if you want to give a boost to your love life, you can make use of various candles, essential oils and crystals that are known to generate positive energy. A combination of all these tips is sure to bring about a rocking love life that you are going to enjoy.