Feet – Making A Fashion Statement


The feet of the women of India have made a fashion statement for centuries by wearing foot jewellery, or more specifically ankle bracelets. And, when the tiny bells ring out together as the person wearing them walks, men swoon in ecstasy hearing a sound so sensuous that they fall in love with the wearer even before they have seen her face. And so, Bollywood depicted in many a popular movie. There was a time that they went out of vogue and grandmothers tended to make a fuss if one didn’t wear a traditional pair of jingling silver or gold anklets to a family wedding. A time when these pretty bits of extravagance were forgotten, the jingle jangle of pajeb ghungroos considered annoying. Now, anklets are back in a wide variety of shapes and styles. Dainty and utterly feminine, they grace a slender eye and enchant the eye of the beholder.

Flaunt your shapely legs and ankles by wearing a delicate pair of anklets. Choosing anklets can be a fun filled activity. With many different anklet types to chose from they vary in price from Rs. 50 to Rs. 400 a pair and have become one of the hottest selling accessories. Utterly chic and charming, they no longer have anything to do with culture or tradition. Most girls today wear them because they are a style statement if anything. For the young, it is the anklets made from colourful wood or plastic beads that are really popular. Inexpensive, they can mix and match them to their outfits.

Anklets grace the ankle and enhance the outfit they are won with. Worn with ethnic or western attire, following the cultural tips of ankle wearing should be enough to set a trend.

If, you wish to wear anklets with a dress, ensure the hemline is above the ankles or the dress has a slit in it to expose the ankle. Simple chains or beaded anklets complement western attire best. They can also be worn to casual parties without raising eyebrows.

When making a foot fashion statement at Hindu or Muslim festivals when one is dressed in ethnic wear, why not wear silver or gold, decorative, ostentatious anklets with tiny bells attached that make music wherever one goes.

Most sought after the world over, anklets hand made in Peru and are veritable pieces of art. Of heavy silver, they are sometimes set with exotically coloured gemstones.

For those suffering from arthritis, copper anklets serve a dual purpose i.e. they make a fashion statement but also serve to mitigate the pain and inflammation.

If, you are wearing Capri pants or a skirt, ankle tight beaded anklets will complement your attire perfectly. Colourful bells make beaded anklets all the more exotic.

Western brides or bridesmaids, if they wish to wear anklets with their wedding dress, should opt for crystal or pearl anklets to make a foot fashion statement. Indian brides, as it is, go overboard with their beautiful gold anklets that can be worn only at weddings or parties that require one to be dressed in all the jewellery one has.

Beaded ankle bracelets are perfect for the beach, rock ‘n roll parties and can even be worn with short skirts.

Anklets are back in fashion and whether you are attending a wedding or a beach party or just dressing for office, you can choose from the various types of anklets available to express your anklet style, or jingle your way into the heart of an unsuspecting male!