Feelings reveal love–Love has the testimony to tell what it is


Human beings are rationally lovers but they can not understand how they reveal it.  Actually, love has the testimonies which tell others that a person is in love with another. Normally, love is found between two opposite sex though, in some cases, it may be different. Sometimes we are confused whether we are in love or not.

You can understand your condition observing your feelings. If you fall in love with the person whom you are dating your feelings will help you to understand that. Love is heavenly and you should know that it forms in your heart in the same way. So, you try to understand your feelings and it will reveal you all you think.

If the sleepless night brings the memoir of someone whom you think to be beside you it tells you that you are in love with him/her. You think about the person that how you can make him/her happy on the following birthday or on any other special day that means you are thinking so for your love. Sometimes you do not fatigue even doing something so hard for the person whom you wish to help. Why are you doing so? Because you love him/her so much and you are selfless for him/her.

A lover always cherishes the lover’s success and behavior. He/she can not find the fault with the person whom he/she loves. If you always extol a person regarding all aspects, you think he/she is the most beautiful or attractive though there is someone more beautiful and attractive it proves that you are in love with the person. You always dream a happy couple life with him/her; you can not think any other than him/her to do so. It means you are in deep love with the person.

Lovers’ passion for each other is so sticky that it can not be departed even in front of other people. The lovers think that their passion for each other is not understood by other though it is easily understood by them. Their feelings take them beyond their normal sense. So, if they can realize their feelings they can understand their love.

Finally, it can be stated that love is eternal matter which is revealed through feelings and it should be understood properly by both of the lovers. If it happens so love can materialized and the lovers can taste the bliss that they really desire.