Fat lips

Fat lips

Fat lips

In order to define someone’s beauty, the facial features are mainly considered. The features like eyes, face cut, lips, cheeks, etc mainly define the good looks of someone. Among these features lips are responsible to add beauty in smile.

As lips are stated as the symbol of beauty, people pay attention towards their looks and grace. Lips are of different size and shape just like eyes. There are fat lips, thin lips, beautiful lips etc. Among all types of lips the fat lips are mainly noted for beauty. Those who have naturally fat lips have no worries at all.

So, if you have the thin lips then here are some guide lines by which you can also feel the charm of fat lips.

examine the correct shape of lips

Firstly, examine the correct shape of lips that suit as per your face cut. Normally, fat lips matches easily with each type of face therefore they are perfect to consider. The thin lips can be shaped into fat lips by a lip liner outline. Once you define the correct shape of your lips put a dash of foundation before applying lipstick.

Foundation gives you the long stay lip makeup. After the foundation, finely apply the lipstick that suits your skins tone. Then remove extra lipstick by smooth tissue paper perfectly, otherwise you can lose the correct shape. Thereafter again apply the dash of lipstick for final touch. You can also use the lip pencil in order to define the shape of your lips.

light shades

A fat lip mainly looks gorgeous with light shades. However, you can also experiment with dark shades if they compliment your skins tone. You can also use the combination of two lip colors for unique shade of lipstick. In order to add some extra attraction to your fat lips you can coat the lipstick with matching lip gloss. If you are preparing for evening party, then shimmers as well as glitters can give you striking effect.

So, with few fine guidelines you can easily modify your thin lips into fat lips. In addition, if you take care of your lips regularly then even thin lips can also grace your beauty. By moisturizing as well as by applying lip creams you can remove the dead skin and creaks from your lips far away. Thus, the natural good looking lips can add more beauty to your looks.

combination of two lip colors

If you want to know further details in order to have fat lips you can read the beauty tips available on many websites. These websites have extremely good ideas to add glow and attraction to your lips.