Fast and quick makeover ideas for sexy summer feet


summerfeet Winter is over, and it is time to say goodbye to those closed toe stilettos and the long boots. In summer, you need to look hot, and that does not mean just the sexy summer dress, the fabulous Victoria’s Secret Ts, Tanks, and the beach wear to die for.

First rule to look good is to have healthy skin. And by this I do not mean your facial skin and your hands, your feet need the extra attention too.
Since your feet have been locked inside those closed shoes for such a long time, they could really use some special care.

If you wish to show off your wonderful pair of sandals, then you have to make sure the skin of your feet is healthy and glowing.

Take a good look at your feet and what do you see – the toe nails are vicious, the dead skin has made your feet look like a wasteland, and not to mention the long hair on top of the big toe.That sure is a nightmare.

The rule of thumb is to walk into a good salon or a spa and get an excellent pedicure. But if you do not have the time, then there is something you can do at home.

Certain things you just have to have in your bag are cuticle-removing cream, a good foot cream, sandals that have soft soles and a glossy nail polish.

And for something extra, add some nice anklets and toe-rings.
The cuticle removing cream will help to soften the rough skin and to get rid of the dryness.

Apply it on your feet and make sure you give extra attention to the areas that tend to harden like the heels, nail cuticles, and the tip of the toe. Keep the cream on for about 20 minutes, then mop the feet with a moist towel, and then soak your feet in warm water for about 15 minutes. This should do the trick.

Foot creams are very important so never leave home without it. Apply it wherever you feel that the skin is getting dry. While applying it at night, make sure you wear a pair of cotton socks.

In summer, it is better to wear sandals that have softer soles. But remember; wear them only in places where you do not have to wear a fancy outfit.

Make sure your nails are colored at all times. The best one for the season is the translucent ones that reflect light. With all these checked, you will be the eye-candy in summer, with a pair of beautiful feet.

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