Fashion Tips For 40-Plus Men

Fashion Tips For 40-Plus Men

Fashion Tips For 40-Plus Men
It is a misconception that once a man hits the age of 40-plus, he must resign himself to wearing sombre suits, leaving the newest fashion trends to the under-40s. In fact, a well-maintained 40-plus man can still dress trendily albeit in a toned down style. And, what one must keep in mind is that today’s healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle has added years to our lives, and today’s 40-plus is yesteryears 30-plus. As long as you exercise, eat a healthy diet and are flab fee, you can wear most trends worn by the thirty year olds. However, if you follow the following fashion tips for 40-plus men, you’ll never put a foot wrong fashion wise.

Follow the latest coolest trends, but ensure that they suit you age and personality wise. If, you’ve hit the big four O, then it’s time to keep your outfits classic and simple, clothes that give you a polished, well put-together look. Dress like life begins at 40. A lot of men and women like wine get better with age. However, even if that is not the case with you, you can still look good at 40-plus.

outfits classic and simple

Looking good at 40-plus means creating a sense of style. You can no longer wear the boyish clothes you wore when you were a teen or a twenty-something. Wearing clothes that would be best suited to a boy or a young man will only make you look old.

Young people wear clothes to express themselves, to figure out their own personality. At 40-plus you have already done that and know who you are and where you are going. At 40-plus it’s time to give up following the fashion trends and time to begin developing a signature style all your own.

Good grooming

Good grooming is one way of looking their best for the over forty’s. As long as you are well groomed and dressed well in age appropriate clothes, you can look good and age gracefully. Pay attention to the kind of hairstyle you wear. With age hair beings to thin and so a shorter haircut to suit the shape of you face is in order. Pay extra attention to personal hygiene, get teeth whitened, as they tend to get yellow with age, trim your nails, get rid of excess facial hair.

However, the ultimate secret about looking good at 40-plus is by eating a healthy diet, exercising to get trim the waistline and get rid of ugly bulges. What you must keep in mind is that as you age, any excess poundage you carry only adds to your age.

eating a healthy diet

To carry of your clothes smartly, you have to try and stay fit and lean. The best fashion tips for 40-plus men is to avoid excess weight and to build up a wardrobe consisting of time-tested classics. Follow this advice and you will always look good, no matter how old you get.