Family Fun for Christmas

Family Fun for Christmas

The holidays are the perfect special family time. Making new memories during the holidays is what Christmas is all about. How much money you spend is not what really matters. The kids want to spend time with you. Keep it simple and fun for them and you will be instilling memories in them to last forever.

Crafty Things
Make your Christmas decorations this year. Have age appropriate projects for your kids to do. Find ideas at the local library or by doing a few searches online. Decide which projects you and your kids want to do and start collecting the things you will need to spend an evening or two making things with them. Kids love to have their craft work on display, and their items will be displayed throughout the Christmas season for everyone to see!

See a Play
Maybe a trip to see a holiday themed program is something your family can enjoy together. If you cannot afford a theater this year, maybe you can visit a local church or school play. The story of Christmas is reenacted at churches and some outdoor venues all during the holidays. Maybe this year you could go out and explore the celebrations of other religions so your children can learn about all the differences.

Let it Snow!
Snowy areas create all sorts of fun activities for the kids. This year, instead of sending the kids out to play in the snow, go with them. Show them how to build an igloo or a fort to have their snowball battles in. Build an entire family of snow people or take them sledding. All of these things will create lasting family memories.

Bake it Yourself
Do you remember the wonderful smell of baked goods from when you were a child? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time to give your kids a lesson in the kitchen? Build gingerbread houses or even an entire village, bake cookies, cakes or other delectable treats with your family. If you feel like baking extras, your baked goods will make wonderful Christmas presents. It is a great way to stay out of the cold and have a wonderful evening with the family!

Sing a song!
As you and your family clean the house or decorate it for the holidays, sing! Sing Christmas carols and make the chore of housekeeping fun! Once you learn the songs, go caroling. Walk through your neighborhood or sing to shoppers as they enter a shopping mall. See how many smiles you can get in just one evening!