Faithful men – do they exist


Faithfulness is the best as well as the superior ornament both for the men and women. This is a basic factor which represents the character of the people. You can have the great image in the eyes of someone if you are faithful in nature.

It is believed by some women that the faithfulness of men cannot be assured. Women always claim that they always love their men but they never get what they anticipate from them. Judging how much a person is faithful to you is not an easy task. It is believed to be a factor that represents the true character of a person.

It is believed by some women that there is not a single man left in the world that you can trust up on! But this is not true. There are men who are fully committed to their family. They stay loyal to their wife or girl friend and do not give priority to another relationship outside. When it comes to ladies opinion then most of them believe that their men have an affair outside. They carefully watch their activities with suspicion. Try to spy them in every possible way.

Yes, it is true that most of the ladies believe in taking rational decision. They complain that men do not care about them or do not know how the day went on after coming from their work. The reason is not the affair only; probably due to extreme workload in the office they fully get exhausted and do not have much interest left to sit and chat with their ladies.

Women always question about men’s faithfulness. They fully revolt and tell that they are not just a machine to produce babies. They are not just a body to enjoy having sex. Ladies generally feel insecure when they understand that their men are not fully faithful to them. This creates frustration and conflicts among them. It is imperative to understand each other and one’s responsibilities. It is significant for both men and women to give full mental and physical satisfaction to each other. Men need to understand that sex is not the topmost thing. It is just a part of love and relationship.  It is applicable to women as well. Do not become a detective unnecessarily. Do not blame your men without having sufficient proof with you. Try to consolidate the relation and save it as much as possible. If your men are not giving much precedence to the relationship then it is better to end with mutual consideration.