Facts behind the wedding customs


Every culture has its own tradition as well as customs. Since, past these customs are following by the society with great devotion and loyalty. People have faith in their past traditional customs and give them respect. This is the reason that even today many old wedding customs are still fresh within every wedding ceremony. However, the old traditional customs have some sense and factors behind them. They are in run because they have useful logics and interesting marriage facts. So, in order to reveal the facts behind such norms like wedding bouquet, wedding ring, glooming veil and several other customs, some interesting facts are described below:

Colors of Wedding Gowns:

They are the symbol of wholesomeness and purity. Therefore, mostly white color is preferred for wedding gowns. In 1840, Queen Victoria wore white wedding gown when she got married with Prince Albert, since than it has become a tradition in her country. Her followers enthusiastically choose pure white color for their wedding gown. On the other hand in 17th century, brick red color was in demand among Europeans. In addition, other colors are also worn like blue that stand for constancy, green for youth etc. And these colors are choosen by brides for their wedding gowns as per their taste. However, white because of its purity always remain in high demand.

Net Veil:
It is a symbol of romance and mystique. It is mainly believed by the people that veil is worn in order to show modesty. In addition, it is worn as an emblem of promise of a bride to follow and obey her spouse.

Wedding bouquet:
It is an icon of disguised blessing. In order to secure bride from evil sprits, she carry herbs, grains and garlic with her at the time of her wedding. Actually, in early centuries it is believed that garlic can ward off any evil sprit whereas herbs and grains are the symbol of prosper and fruitful union. As the time passed these herbs are replaced by beautiful flowers. Flowers are icon of eternal love and fertility. It is also believed in Poland that if sugar is sprinkled on the wedding bouquet of bride then her temper remains sweet.

In addition, other important things like wedding ring have its worth because it is believed that it can make a way to the heart of couple. Therefore, it is worn on the fourth finger of left hand that has vein of love direct to the heart. In some customs it is worn on right hand also. Wedding cake symbolizes abundance or fertility. It is also counts as the icon of luck.