Facts About Hair Straightening

Facts About Hair Straightening

Facts About Hair Straightening

Hair straigntening is in, it looks great, but before you try it out why not educate yourself with a little information on it. It will help you chose the right method for straightening and how to care for your hair thereafter. Much care is needed as straightening can damage your hair and cause dryness and eventually cause your hair to fall. Did you know that hair straightening changes the very structure of your hair?

You can straighten your hair temporarily with the use of a hand-held hair-dryer. Wet your hair and divide it into sections. Hold the ends of each section with a brush, straight and downwards and dry it with the dryer. But doing this frequently will dry your hair, resulting in split ends. However, this lasts only till your next wash.

hand-held hair-dryer

The other procedure is called Relaxing. This method straightens hair with the use of chemical straighteners like perming lotions. This can be rather hard for the hair as it enters each hair shaft and change the structure of the inner layers of the hair. If the chemical is strong, the effect can lasts up to six months.

Thermal Conditioning is one of the chemical methods for hair straightening. All chemical methods must be done by a professional because they alone know the right chemical that will suit your hair and the state of your hair. Never straighten and colour at the same time, allow a gap of about 2 to 3 months in between.

perming lotions

Nowadays, the most common method is the Japanese thermal straightening process called “Rebonding” or Thermal Conditioning in the US.  In addition to being permanent, it makes the hair look healthier and smoother and add more volume to the hair.

But those with curly hair and those that have done repeated chemical treatments will not find this method very effective. Besides, the entire Rebonding process takes at least 4 to 8 hours and very expensive as well.

Hair straightening irons

Hair straightening irons are also available in the market. This method is simple as hair can be straightened just by applying heat directly to the hair, as you would do when ironing clothes. The best irons are the ceramic ones, as it causes less damage to the hair.

Most people that have straightened their hair complain of dryness and hair fall. So after-care is extremely crucial. Avoid touching up of relaxed hair too often and use mild shampoos along with extra-rich conditioners, at least once or twice a week. Also give your hair oil therapy once a week.