Factors That Lead To Marital Break Ups


As life style is changing so is the relationship. These days families are breaking up frequently contradicting to our old family relationship. Husbands and wives are on constant war. Tension between them grows more day by day. There is a friction whenever they exchange views on something. One would not agree with the other. Marriage is a union of two souls and it has been there ever since the human beings came to this world. It was meant to be monogamous. However, there are lots of extra marital affaires, so much of infidelity and other factors that are affecting marriage ties.

According to some eminent sociologists men cheat their wives more than the wives. More than 60 percent in the world men practice infidelity and involve in two relations. One of the bitter truths is that having an extra marital affaire is just like fashion statement. The reason behind the extra marital affaire is boredom life style. Yes, this is what they usually give excuse. Well this may not be true for every one. Marriage is no longer an unbreakable thread. These are the reasons of breaking up in the married families.

Wife and husband are not happy with each other and they pick up fight for any silly reason. Sometimes family breaks up due to different income source which is not enough for the family to run. Workload is also one of the reasons of tension between husband and wife. Due to so much workload they get stress and are not able to spend time together at home. Apart from the above reasons, there are also typical reasons that men have been always associated with and that is they keep secrete relationship with  many women and they do it to get so called sexual gratification. They seek from other women rather than from their wives.

Indulging in bad habits such as drinking regularly and not coming back home on time are the other reasons which provokes fight between them. However, life is changing with the change in life style that we lead. But at the same time what’s harm in trying to reconcile with each other and live a happy family with kids? One of the reasons of children opting for deviance means is due to broken family ties. You must know it.

Don’t you think you should lead a happy family?