Facial Massages for Youthful Skins


Harsh cleansers can strip natural moisture of even the most youthful skin leading to skin tightening and early ageing of the skin. You can help prevent this with the help of facial massage that not only soothes tense muscles, but does wonders for the skin’s overall appearance. None more so, than on the face which is often the victim of stress and aging, both of which tend to cause wrinkles, puffy eyes, dry or sagging skin and pigmentation.

Facial massages are extremely beneficial as they help preserve our youthful appearance, including providing nourishment to both skin and facial muscles in many ways. A facial massage increases blood circulation to the face, optimizes epidermal cell turnover, tightens sagging facial muscles, delivers nutrients to the skin cells and rids the skin of impurities and toxins.

One needs a healthy flow of blood to the face to enhance its youthful appearance with a radiantly, healthy complexion. Dull skin is often the result of improper or inadequate circulation, whereas optimum blood flow gives a healthy colour to the skin, making it bloom. To benefit, one must follow an established facial massage regimen to regulate the flow of blood to facial skin and enhance its youthful look.

Face massages are an essential element to maintaining healthy skin, which is soft and supple, as we age. Enhancing the blood flowing to the face not only enables a more efficient delivery of nutrients to the skin and tightens facial muscles but also decreases the amount of toxins present.

Providing the skin with optimum nutrients and removing impurities allows for better retention of moisture, which is a key factor for delaying the signs of aging and minimizing environmental damage to the face from UV rays. Simply put, an “exercised” face is better equipped to deal with the aging process and environment damages it endures daily.

For a naturally radiant look, the following facial massage tips should give your skin a youthfully natural radiance. Begin your face massage by removing all traces of make-up and giving it a thorough cleansing to avoid clogged pores. Next with the tips of your index, middle and ring fingers, start a gentle massage of the face with swift, light but firm strokes.

Twenty minutes of gently massaging any oil or cream suitable to your skin type should send the blood rushing to your face, which will impart a healthy glow to your skin enhancing its youthful look. Bedtime being the best time for a face massage, make it a routine to spend some time looking after your skin before you retire for the night.