Facial massage


There are several methods and beauty procedures that make your skin healthy and glowing. Facial massage is one of them that refresh your face skin. Every person suffers from vagaries of the nature like aging, wrinkles etc.

People of any skin type would suffer from skin problems of specific type. It is a myth that those who have fair skin would not experience aging affects early. The truth is that if proper skin care were not done by any person regularly of any skin type and tone, then he/she may suffer from skin problems surely.

In order to keep wrinkles at a bay, facial massaging is very crucial and easy fragment of beauty regime. Besides skin softening, it makes skin moist and help to clear off skin dryness. In addition, other facial massage benefit is: it stimulates your facial blood circulation as well as remove dead cell from you skin.

Actually, with aging skin have many changes like wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness etc. Facial massage helps to tighten skin tissues which become flabby with time and make skin free from dead cell.

Today, there are many salons of beauty experts that provide facial massage. Regular facial massage avoids several skin problems. Facial massages are offered to the clients as per their skin type and budget. However, if you would like to do your facial massage at home, then it very easy task to perform.

First thing that you should have to do for facial massage at home is buying quality products as per your skin type.

To start with remove all the tracers of your makeup, grime and dirt before massaging. In short clean you face properly before facial massage. In order to remove makeup from your face you can use makeup removers. After cleansing you can proceed for facial massage. Remember to avoid exerting pressure on face during massage. Always do your facial massage with feathery and light touch of your finger tips.

Move your fingers with light, swift but in firm way. You should also move your fingers in outward as well as upward way towards temple. A good facial massage requires about 20-25 minutes. In order to avoid any disturbance from your hair, tie head band. In addition, drape towel below shoulder prior to your facial massage. Use cold cream for dry skin massage while for oily skin, olive oil with lemon juice is best.