Eyebrow Waxing – Basic Facts


eyebrowswaxed Lately laser hair removing treatment is becoming more popular by the minute. People are opting for this method to get rid of the unwanted hair from the body. But when it comes to shaping the brows, most of us prefer the traditional method — threading, plucking and waxing.

These days more and more people are opting for waxing. It removes the hair from the roots, and it is easy to determine the desired shape. In fact it is faster than the other methods. But keep in mind, it is meant only for normal skin. Those with sensitive skin should not opt for this. It may cause skin irritation.

Before you wax your brows you need to prepare them. First brush the brows with either a soft brush or a mascara wand. Make sure the wand is clean. Once this is done then the brows will be neatly set in their proper place. After that apply a bit of astringent.

That will work as an anesthesia. You can also do this after the shower, then it will be less painful, or you can press a warm cloth on your brows. That will open the pores and the process will be easy.

Now there are two ways of doing this. One is you can buy the strips that are available and you can ask someone to cut them into the shape you want your brow to be.

And the other is you can do it just like regular waxing by applying the wax on the brow with a spatula and then put the strip on that brow. Either ways make sure you have a good waxing kit.

Now determine the area of waxing. After that apply the wax and then put the strip of cloth on that. Here it should be mentioned that you should apply the wax the same direction as the brow grows. And make sure you start with the under eye area. Once you have placed the strip, press it gently against the skin and then pull it off.

After you are done waxing, make sure you apply ice or a soothing lotion on the area. That will prevent the skin irritation.