Eyebrow Rogaine


Hair loss can occur because of many causes, like stress, hereditary hair loss or hair loss even due to some illness. Whatever the cause may be, it is a very real problem that many people face. Hair loss is a common problem with not many solutions.

Several products out there claim magical and wonderful results for hair regrowth. However, most of them are not even able to maintain the hair that is already there, let alone causing any hair regrowth.

Eyebrow Rogaine is somewhat different in this aspect. It is also known as minoxidil and helps hair regrowth like no other product. It not only slows down hair loss but also stops it in most cases.

How does it work?

Eyebrow Rogaine works at the root of the problem; in fact, literally in this case, because it helps to improve the strength of the hair follicle. It works at revitalising and strengthening the hair follicles, that is, the hair roots. It increases their size and hence, pours new life into falling hair. Thus, the hair is kept from falling because it is now more firmly attached to the hair follicle.

What are the benefits of Rogaine?

Studies have shown that 80% of the users of Rogaine have seen significant slow down and even complete stopping of their hair fall.

It also increases the hair weight and makes it denser by causing more hair to grow. This will also make your hair look fuller and healthier.

Rogaine mainly works at maintaining the hair that you already have and slowing down the thinning process. The success of Rogaine depends on the extent of your hair loss.

Some tips to remember while using eyebrow Rogaine

Normally, hair grows only half to one inch every month. Therefore, do not expect magical results overnight. You will have to wait before you see any results. You should continue using Rogaine twice a day for at least four months before you can see any difference in your hair or before you can see any hair regrowth.

Rogaine works best only for cases where the reason for hair loss is heredity. Therefore, you should use it accordingly.