Eye Shades


When people look at your face, your eyes will be the first thing they notice. Your eyes tell a lot about who you are. They are very expressive and can tell all. As you are applying your makeup, it is important to keep certain things in mind.

The color of your eyes should be a big factor in the choice of eye shadow. If you have beautiful blue eyes, gold, bronze, silver, gray, mauve, brown, pink and even metallic are great choices for you. But, if you have brown eyes, khaki pewter, gold, bronze, navy, blue, mauve pink and fleshy tones are perfect. But what if you have green eyes? Gold, bronze, grey, earthy tones and fleshy tones are wonderful choices.

Getting those big beautiful eyes to shine bright with color and look great can take a lot of practice. The three steps to your eyes are mascara, eyeliner or pencil, whichever your choice is, and, of course, the eye shadow. Each and every step should be done carefully.

Curl your eyelashes before applying the mascara. This will give your lashes a fuller look. To put on the mascara, hold your lid so that it is taught and apply from the roots to the ends. Let each coat dry before adding a second coat for thickness. When applying the eyeliner, choose the color by the shade of your hair. If it is light use a light shade and if your hair is dark, use a brown or black shade. Tilt your head back, and go from the inner corner of the eye to the edge.

For the eye shadow, start with a light layer of foundation for a base. For the base color of shadow, use a dark color on the inner third of the eyelid and go out half way. Next is the contour, which is a shade lighter and then the accent. Lastly, you want to apply the highlight. Blend all of these together for the perfect color. Don’t forget to have your eyebrows shaped for the perfect look. Your eyes will be the highlight of your face.