Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

Eyes are considered a window to a woman’s soul. It is said, the inner beauty of a woman is reflected in her eyes. So a perfect makeup for the eyes is necessary to get noticed among others. However, the key to have a perfect eye is to wear a subtle eye makeup that will make people sit up and notice.

Though beauty parlour’s can help a woman get the perfect eye makeup, but constraints of the modern day lifestyle don’t leave a woman with enough time to visit a beauty parlour. Also, some women don’t have the money to get eye makeup done from a stylist. A woman can even apply eye makeup at home, all she needs is a little practice and a few essentials. How to apply eye makeup at home has been discussed below.

Apply Eye Shadow

Before applying eye makeup, decide which colors you want. Using more than one color is good, but picking the right combination that will give the eye a fresh and easy look is important. First, apply the main color on the entire eyelid; next apply a lighter shade, over and above the first color. Take care to apply the lighter shade in a quick and easy manner.

Apply Eye Liner

Applying the correct eyeliner is the next step. It is said that eyeliner is the main thing in eye makeup that gives the eyes the correct look. Choosing the correct eyeliner, a woman is comfortable with is essential. Using a pencil and liquid eyeliner in the color chosen is the next step.

Draw a thin line with the eyeliner, starting with swift strokes from the inside corner of the eye to the end of the eyelids. The eyeliner can be applied based on necessity of giving the eye a subtle look or a vibrant look.

Apply Mascara

Applying the mascara is the next step. Mascara is an essential part of eye makeup as it is the main thing that gives the eye an overall fresh and gorgeous look. Alongside mascara a woman needs an eyelash curler. As with eyeliner and eye shadow, choosing the right mascara is also important.

Application of the correct mascara shade cuts down the requirement of wearing fake long eye lashes to dress up the eyes. Before applying the mascara use the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, as this will help in avoiding pulling or breaking of the eyelashes.

While applying the mascara, be sure to insert the wand inside of the mascara tube and turn it inside before pulling out. This method prevents the mascara from drying up. Lastly, brush the eyelashes in a direction away from the face.

Apply 2 coats of mascara to give the eyes a thicker mascara look, however, be sure to wait for the first coat to dry up before applying the second coat. After applying the mascara, remember to comb the eyelashes to remove clumps formed while putting on mascara.


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