Exercises that are beneficial during pregnancy


pregnancyworkout Exercising before, during, and after pregnancy is good for your health.  Always check with your physician before starting an exercise program to ensure that it is safe for you and your unborn baby.  Once you get your physician’s clearance, you can employ the following simple pregnancy workout every day.

Neck exercises

Stand erect with your hands resting on your waist and your feet spread about sixteen to seventeen inches apart from each other.  Roll your neck to the left, then to the back, and then to the right.  Repeat this process slowly, three to four times, stretching your neck carefully.  You can also roll the neck forward as part of the same routine if doing so doesn’t make you feel dizzy.

Shoulder exercises

Keep your feet in the same position as before, but place your hands down by your sides.  Shrug your shoulders backwards and then upwards, then forward and back down again.  Position your fingers on their corresponding shoulders and rotate the elbows forward in a wide circle.  Then move them backwards.  Place your hands down at your sides and swing them forward and backward.  Repeat this entire process eight to ten times.

Arm exercises

Stretch your arms out in the air to the sides.  Bring your arms forward until they meet.  Then stretch the arms back to their original starting position.  Repeat the process eight to ten times.

Clasp your hands together behind your buttocks and lift them as high as possible.  Bring them back to their original starting position and repeat.

Waist exercises

Place both hands on your waist and twist as far as you can in every direction.  Try not to move the upper body while doing so.  Then raise your arms to shoulder level and swing them back in each direction.  Repeat this process eight to ten times.

Stand erect with your feet three to four feet apart.  Place your hands on your hips and bend your knees slightly.  Bend first to your left, then to your right.  Bend to the side only, but not backward or forward.  Repeat.

Lower back exercises

Stand erect with your feet together, keeping your knees straight.  Bend and try to touch your toes with your fingers.  Don’t force yourself to go any further than is comfortable.  Hold the stretch for several seconds and repeat it five times.

Thigh exercises

Stand erect with your legs three feet apart.  Keep your knees straight and try to touch your right hand toes with the fingers of your left hand.  Swing your hands back and forth alternating which leg you are touching.


Stretches are very important in cooling the body back down.  Stretches should be performed before and after every exercise routine.

Stand erect with your hands on your waist and your feet sixteen to seventeen inches apart.  Stretch backward and forward several times.