4 Ways To Treat Uneven Face Tone

Ways To Treat Uneven Face Tone

Ways To Treat Uneven Face Tone

One of the first things we notice in a person is their skin. Clear skin adds to the beauty of a person. On the other hand, skin filled with scars, blemishes and with uneven patches of white and brown, here and there, certainly do not flatter a person’s look. Uneven skin tone is mainly caused by direct exposure to the sun. So don’t forget to apply sunscreen before venturing out. And if you are using anti-ageing products, avoid the sun as much as possible.

Exfoliators For Uneven Face Tone

These products contain mild exfoliators and skin brighteners that make the skin more sensitive to the sun. Some doctors even prescribe ointment with retinol-A. Some who have used such ointments claim to have worked miraculously.

Face Wash For Uneven Face Tone

Neutrogena’s Visibly Even face wash and nighttime lotion is another good option. The results are noticed immediately and with continued use, the blotches fade out almost within six months. Oprah Magazine had run an article about face masks that also helps to even out skin tone. It said masks made with clay and seaweed are highly effective.

Tomatoes For Uneven Face Tone

If you want to try this out go for, Clay mask by Caudalie for $40 or the Bath & Body Works’ Aquatanica Spa line for $25. There is also a home therapy that beauticians often suggest. First make a paste by mixing tomato, potato and cucumber juice. Apply the paste for 20 minutes everyday. This targets especially the pigmentation in the skin.

Face Massage For Uneven Face Tone

Another simple home method is simply by massaging the area with natural oils for at least 30 minutes a day. The scars, uneven skin tone, pigmentations, etc. will fade out in 5 to 7 days and if continued till 2 to 3 weeks, you will get a new, healthy, flawless skin. Do not use circular motion, with you finger tips, massage with a forward and back motion.

Darker spots are caused by lack of moisture. So apply a bit of baby oil on the area to get the required amount of moisture. However, don’t forget to wash your face before applying the oil. Few other advices: while choosing creams, opt for ingredients like rose petal extract and avocado. Go for mask that contains vitamin E and blueberry extracts.