Enjoy the pleasure of backpacking


Start your world tour and enjoy the pleasure of backpacking to discover a permanent change in you. The first question that will arise in your mind while backpacking is how to start and where to start. The world is a big and strange place and certain countries are better in comparison to others in terms of backpacking. Trekkers will be in need of inexpensive lodging and transits that are easily accessible. You will also feel the need for friendly companions and hosts to contribute and share the joy of your adventure. The following destinations will help you with your backpacking decision:

Czech Republic
Czech Republic is famous for its well preserved Renaissance and medieval architecture in the country of Europe. There are a number of bars and you will find the cost in these bars to be quite affordable and it also has several restaurants brimming with its nightlife to enjoy the pleasure of backpacking. Hostels are present here in abundance and they are expensive and the train system in this country is extensive.
Major attractions of this country: Don’t miss to catch the Prague. It is a must see for any traveler going towards Czech Republic. It is a major shelter for backpackers. There are a number of hosts who are English speakers and good amount of fellow travelers, great sight-seeing and good food to enjoy your travel. And get into a time machine where you get a chance to explore the beauty of ancient villages situated in Moravia.

India is an enthralling location from a backpacker’s point of view. It has the historic Taj Mahal and the lively Bangalore city which remains active all the time. You will find them all in India. You will find many hostels in this city at all the major locations as well as in small villages and towns. The network of transportation in India is very extensive and this gives you the flexibility to move around.

Major attractions: India is very beautiful and vast and there are number of attractions here. Lets start with Mumbai that was previously called Bombay which is home to Bollywood, the Indian film industry and then you have Goa in the western part of India where you will find calming beaches, historic cites and various temples to explore.