Endometriosis In Women And Its Treatment

Endometriosis Treatment

Endometriosis Treatment Pain is the main and the worst symptom of Endometriosis during periods; everlasting pain is the big problem that women with endometriosis have to face. But, identifying endometriosis is not so easy.

Even after identifying it is not completely curable. The treatment is also not easy. There is no permanent end to endometriosis to which teenagers and women fall prey to. But the solution to cure endometriosis is easy if it is identified as soon as possible.

Reasons for endometriosis

During periods the serum which comes out might go back in little quantities through fallopian tubes, which is called as retrograde mensuration and might reach your pelvis. During which the endometrium reaches pelvis area and gets attached to it and grows there.

Many faults and problems in uterus might lead to this retrograde menstruation. When menstrual fluids move backwards flowing through fallopian tubes and entering peritoneal cavity, that condition is called Retrograde  menstruation, and it’s the major cause of endometriosis. In this abnormal condition endometrial tissue cause blockage of fallopian tubes and increase the possibility of occurrence of inflammation.

During the formation of uterus due to internal faults(Metaplacea) might also lead to endometrium situation. The blood veins and lymph veins passing near to endometrium scales might take the scales of endometrium to different places of the body and spread to different parts of the body. During periods this endometrium scales comes out and stick to the other areas. Shigella microorganisms might also lead to endometriosis.

Above reasons might be responsible of endometriosis. These endometriosis scales stick not only in the uterus but also in the pelvic region, These scales get familiar with female hormones and cause mensuration. The secretion due to endometrium scales in the uterus comes out during periods, but the secretions due to these scales in other parts of the body.

This endometriosis scales not only in uterus but might also travel to other parts of the body like pelvis area and gets changes monthly with female hormones. and because cause for blood flow, If this blood flow is within uterus then it comes out in the monthly menstrual cycle, but if it is in the pelvic are, it gets clogged there causing big problem.

The main cause of endometriosis is through hereditary, If one person in the family have had endometriosis,then there is chance of another person getting it.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

Menstrual pain

For normal women, she gets pain during the 1st day of her menstrual cycle which is called as ‘primary Dsymenoria’ this pain stays for 2 to 3 hours. For women who have fallen prey to endometriosis get severe pain 2 to 3 days before and after their menstrual cycle. as the months go on this pain increases to its severity.

Pain during sex

Pain during sex is another symptom of endometriosis. When endometriosis grows to its heights, big cysts are formed in the ovaries which are called as ‘chocolate cysts’ These drag through pelvic area and stay there. Due to which sex is very difficult for them.


Along with pain and discomfort endometriosis leads to infertility in women. Even through test tube, IVF, IUV ways are also difficult for getting pregnant.

Pain during passage of urine

If endometriosis is formed near the urinary bladder, then pain is caused during passing urine.In few cases during their menstrual cycle, during passage of urine they also get blood through urine.

Pain during passing stool

If endometriosis tissue is formed near the bowel passage hole and uterus, for them during the time of mensuration while bowel movement they have severe pain, which leads to constipation.

Long term pain

Pain continuously in the pelvic region. Before mensuration cycle,the blood circulation in the uterus and fallopian tubes increases, these parts get bulged up, due to which the ‘peritonium’ sags and pain arises. During menstrual periods the blood released inside gets clogged up and forms into ‘brown spots’. In the ovaries they form into ‘chocolate cysts’. Every month this blood gets piled and clogged up inside,

The veins, muscles, fat cells, omen-tum get stick to this endometriosis tissue. This leads to disturbed and serious condition day by day. Slowly the uterus, ovaries, intestines, urethra and other organs get stick to each other and whole of the pelvis region becomes clogged which is called as frozen pelvis’ That is why early detection of this disease and immediate cure can stop the advanced stage of endometriosis.

How to identify?

Identifying exactly only through Laparoscopy

Endometrium in pelvic region or other parts cause severe pain and discomfort making life hell, By doing other blood tests you cannot confirm that it is endometriosis. As other complications also has same pain. Especially, pain in the pelvic or pain while having sex are also symptoms for other infections. Bubbles in the fallopian tubes, pus, and other small cysts formation also gives rise to pain in the pelvic region.

‘Chronic Ectopic’ might also have the above symptoms. Laparoscopy is the best way to correctly identify endometriosis. This laparoscopic test sends camera into the pelvic region and can view the organs in a TV. Through ultra sound scanning also chocolate cysts can be detected.


As the endometrium pain is the treatment is also so painful. These endometrium scales wherever they stick keep on increasing on a monthly basis with the hormones released.The reduction of hormones is the basic element.


Pain killers along with progesterone hormone tablets are given in order to stop estrogen hormone to be released, which would increase the endometrium. Giving of progesterone would stop your monthly mensuration. But due to these hormones there are many side effects like Obesity, mental depression, mood swings. Danjall hormone which is a male hormone if given can cause the growth of beard.


Injection like ‘Gonadotropin releasing hormones(GNRH)’which are costly but can cure endometriosis. These injections if given on monthly or 3 months basis can stop mensuration temporarily. But there are side effects like Hot flushes, depression, sweating, palpitations, hair fall and also vagina becomes dry and cannot involve in sex. But this treatment can cure endometriosis.

Surgery through Laparoscopy

Operation through viewing all the organs and endometrium scales in TV. ‘Surgical Ablation’ is a major treatment.In which if the organs are stuck together, they are separated are removed. But if any pieces of endometrium are remained inside can further cause the same problem. Thus they give 3 months of GNRH hormonal injections. There is major relief through this surgery.

Endometriosis is delayed in Pregnancy

During pregnancy hormones work very fast and there is no menstrual cycle.That is why endometriosis growth is stopped.


This operation involves removal of uterus, But if this removal is done in early age there are many side effects like sudden stop of hormones, hot flushes, and pregnancy cannot be expected.

Finally speaking

If the pain is less, if endometriosis is in its initial stage usage of oral contraceptive pills and hormonal injections can control this situation. If the pain is high surgery through laparoscopy is the way. For middle age women and having children removal of uterus can be included.

Late marriages, late children and monthly mensuration for years have the chances of increasing endometriosis to great extent. Early detection of endometriosis is half curing the disease. Like cancer endometriosis spreads to other organs of the body. endometriosis is called as ‘B9 disease’ which spreads like cancer.

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