Encourage your Child to Eat Healthy


In today’s fast paced world, we often skip meals, eat on the run or grab something bad for our health from a fast food restaurant.  Parent’s active lifestyles are hindering their children’s eating habits. Instead of sitting down to a quiet family dinner like what was done so many years ago, parents are often not home at the same time and whoever is home is too tired to prepare a healthy meal.

As a result, they either pick something up on the way home or the children pick whatever they can get their hands on.  These poor eating habits are leading to health problems in children.  It is the parent’s responsibility to feed their children properly.  Here are some ways to make sure your child eats healthy.

Fast food is not the answer to dinner so do not bring it home with you.  Snack food in the house does not constitute a healthy, full balanced meal.  Children who grow up with junk food and snack food as staples in their diet are lead to acquire weight related illnesses such as diabetes, obesity, cholesterol problems, and vitamin imbalances.

To prevent these diseases from happening to their children, parents need to make simple changes to the way the whole family eats.  The parents need to take a few minutes each day to plan out a healthy, well balanced meal.  This involves a combination of lean meat, vegetables and complex carbohydrates.

Bring back the family meal.  Set a time where each evening the family comes together to eat a home cooked meal and talk about their day.  Even quick preparation meals can be healthy.  Keep a variety of healthy foods and snacks in the house.  That way if the child eats out of hunger or boredom, they are not snacking on unhealthy, empty calories.

Foods such as yogurt, fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, and whole grain crackers are good snack foods.  Also, get rid of the high sugar fruit juices and substitute them with soymilk, low fat milk, natural juices, and water.  Teach your children how to eat healthy by doing so yourself.  Get them involved with planning and preparing the meals.  This will teach them the proper components to a healthy meal.

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