Emotional threats between man and woman


Marriage is a relationship that requires lots of concern and commitments. It is a relationship that is completely based on trust and faith. If you believe in yourself as well as on your partner then it would be the happy marriage.

Unfortunately, most of the couples remain unconcerned about this truth and make their beautiful relationship like a mess. Just think, if your partner calls you and tell you that you are involved in an affair with his/her dear friend what would think? If you are completely innocent then you really hit out on him/her and feel great disappointment also. Look these are some sort of emotional threats common between women and men.

Many people suffer from these kinds of emotional threats from their spouses at several instances of their life. It could be any one, a man or a woman that tease their partner with such emotional threats.

It is a well known fact that men are overly possessive for their love and deeds. Men get quickly hurt if they get any punch on their ego from opposite gender. They pass some serious threats like “I will kill you!” or “I will reveal all your secrets in front of society” or “I will spoil your life” etc. In addition, they also abuse their partner if they get highly hurt and have any disappointment from their spouse.

They not only emotionally blackmail their spouse in order to make her feel guilty but also pass some abusive comments, so that she can feel sorry and apologize in front of them. Out of many emotional threats the worst one is “I am driving crazily because of your mistake” or “I am committing suicide for you” etc. Some of the men also distribute their spouse phone number among friends in order to pass her anonymous threat. The woman is such case only curse that moment when she met with that person.

Some time women also pass some emotional threats like “I will expose you in front of your boss” or “I would commit suicide and then make you responsible for it” or “I will take you to the court in the case of emotional as well as physical harassment” etc. These are such emotional threats that can make any strong man panic.

So, these emotional threats are becoming common in number of relationships and proved as a feature of modern pitiless life. You cannot conclude who is more emotional teaser between men and women.