Emotional Abuse- Are You a Victim?

Emotional abuse

It leaves no bruises or broken bones. And yet the scars never fade. The start of the journey down the path of destruction goes unnoticed. Put a stop to it before you reach the end. Do not be victimized by emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse leaves no physical signs, a major reason why it rarely comes forth. Is it the usual differences and conflicts in a relationship or something worse? We are never sure.

The signs of emotional abuse are many and varied in nature. The experiences of one person dealing with the abuse can be totally different from the other. Yet they are both victims. Learn to recognize the general signs to ensure that you have not fallen in the trap.

Does your relationship feel aggressive despite the fact that he has never raised his hand on you? If your answer is yes, more likely than not, you are facing emotional abuse. You might not understand what makes the relationship seem violent despite being physically calm. Ask yourself this next question.

Are you scared of your partner? If yes, what makes you afraid of him? Is it because you have done something to make him angry? Or are you perpetually scared that you may mortify or displease him in some way. If your answer is the latter, you are most certainly in an emotionally abusive relationship. If you are still not sure, proceed to the next question.

What makes you think you think that you would displease him? Does he constantly tell you that you are doing something wrong? Does it make you feel you can never do anything right in his eye? Have you begun to assume that he is always right and that you are incapable of making the right decisions? A positive answer to this question should clear all your doubts about the status of your relationship. If (for some reason) you are still unsure, ask yourself this last question.

Have you spoken of these concerns to him? If yes, how did he react? Did he say he scolds you because he loves you? Or did he accuse you of nagging? Or did he simply turn a deaf ear or say that he did not know what you were talking about?

If these are the patterns of your relationship, you are a victim without your own knowledge. Wake up! Seek counseling.