Eight Steps To A Beautiful You


Who wouldn’t agree that technology is the future? How else would one get clean, blemish free skin in just half an hour? Micro-dermabrasion is a favourite with celebs like Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow, and gives you this and much more. It not only stimulates the skin, but also removes dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads, accumulated dirt, while reducing wrinkles and acne marks, to give you a clear, taut skin with a youthful glow.

A Healthy Glow
You can also get a healthy glow with a little help from the contents of your fruit bowl. A fruit face pack is all it takes to give you a sunny glow. Fruits are rich in minerals, vitamins and natural AHAs, which are great for your skin. Mix seasonal fruits like watermelon, papaya, banana or oranges with two drops of lavender essential oil. Essential oil relaxes stressed skin, plumps it up and gives it a shine. Apply the pack and remove by washing with cold water.

If, you don’t have bee-stung lips or a diva pout, fake it. Enhance your lips with lip plumper before applying lipstick. Choose lipsticks that are glossy and dark. Highlight the pout by dabbing some gold or silver on the centre of the lips. Layer lips by first prepping them with a lip balm. Then colour the outer corner of the mouth with lip liner, a half shade darker than your choice of lipstick, colour your lips with the liner and end with another coat of lipstick. Dab lip gloss on the centre of the mouth. Finish with concealer around your lips for a neat outline.

Glossy, Bouncy Hair
A special hot-oil treatment should do the trick. Mix a tablespoon of herbal oil with a teaspoon of castor oil, a teaspoon of glycerine to give moisture, a drop of vinegar, a few drops of ylang-ylang essential oil for added gloss and a teaspoon of conditioner with a tablespoon of shampoo. Apply to the hair, starting at the ends. Leave on for half an hour and then shampoo.

Hair Style
Softened curls or poker straight hair, both are perfect for the siren look. For polished, poker straight hair use a ceramic not metal base straightening iron to smooth hair. Apply gloss serum for finish. Best way to get curls is to plait the hair when it’s wet. Dry for an hour and open for soft waves, or else you can use Velcro rollers which are easy to put in, and create curls in 20-minute flat without using a hair dryer.

Sexy Eyebrows
Get a perfect arch by taking a pencil and placing it parallel to your nose tip. The place it touches between your brows is where your eyebrows should start. Now, tilt the pencil 45 degrees, while still keeping it on your nose tip. The point where the pencil touches the corner of your eye is where your brow should end. Finally, take the pencil to the centre of your eye and place it perpendicular to your eye. The point where the pencil tip meets your brow should be the peak of the brow.

Perfect Hair Colour
Get a hair colour that suits your skin tone to look like a star, every day! First timers should opt for simple highlights, two or three shades lighter than their natural hair colour. Tip hair ends and crown with the highlight colour to give your hair more dimension. For a more sophisticated look, try colour graduation using three hair shades that belong to the same colour family. Darkest colour on nape hair, medium in the middle and lightest on top, or go the other way round. It gives a blended look without the starkness of highlights.

Polished Makeup
Apply moisturiser, then foundation. Always choose the right colour by standing in the sun and rubbing a little on your chin. If it disappears, the colour is right. Apply it using the fusion technique, which is to dab foundation on your palms, rub together and apply in long, gentle strokes. With a foundation brush, pick up leftover foundation from your hands and blend over your face. Hide shine by dusting powder on the T-zone.