Effects Of Foster Parents On A Child

Effects Of Foster Parents On A Child

Effects Of Foster Parents On A Child With modernisation, men have come to see the upsides of adopting children or setting up foster homes which is for the best of shunned children or children who lost roofs from over their heads and those unfortunate parents who have not been blessed with children, faced loss of loved ones or wish to expand their families by welcoming an outside member in their family as one of their own.

In the advent of rising convenience and human understanding and liberalisation, the process of setting up foster homes or taking up a child as being his or her foster parents has become a piece of cake. A lot of people welcome a child as one of their own and treat him/ her with love and care- just like they would treat their own child.

But, sometimes, parents worry about the effect of being a foster kid on the child or they worry if the child would be able to accept them or not. There is nothing really to worry about. A foster child grows better than any other child. His sense of understanding and independence outdoes the rest of the children. The following are the effects of foster parents on children:-

Effects of Foster Parents on a Child Development

Sense of Independence

Very often it is noticed that children who have foster parents have a higher sense of independence. They will naturally also be better than the average assisted child at taking care of themselves. But this independence can be taken in both ways, good and bad. In the good way the child becomes a self sufficient human being.

In the bad way, the child decides it is “mature” enough and that he or she does not require her parents anymore. But, they will always respect the obligation of his or her foster parents.

Exposure Level of Child

Absence of a guardian in the house for prolonged years almost always leads to heightened exposure. Without the caring filter that a mother or a father puts to on content that her child is exposed to, the child can sometimes be left to face reality at a young age which at times could prove to be not so good. But, once the child attains foster parents, the child is safe guarded, he or she is protected and is saved from future struggles or difficulties to a great extent.

Lack of Shyness in Decision Making

Being in charge since a young age, the child who has a foster parents is more confident in making decisions and he or she is used to such situations since a young age. This has a greater significance as when the child grows as he or she will exhibit greater confidence.

Foster Parents

Having his or her parents by his or her side will only add to their motivation. They would freely do whatever they would wish to do as they know they have the support of their parents with them.

Recognizes the Importance of Priorities

With constant guidance of their parents tabulating priorities for them, a child learns the importance of managing priorities which is quite a useful skill to have in today’s modern world. Such a skill will also help the child steer away from bad influences. He/she will also know the significance of what he/she has so he will choose his priorities wisely.

Better Perceptive Abilities

Since he or she is left with foster parents in the most crucial times of his/ her life, the child will have higher perceptive ability due to the higher exposure to a different kind of environment. He will be able to sense things in a better manner and would know what is right or wrong more perfectly. He would have heightened senses of what he should do and what he should not.

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Resistance to Loneliness- not Susceptibility!

This is the same case and does not vary from person to person as it is based on the personality of the child and what he or she has been through. A child who has naturally shy will also not be more susceptible to loneliness as he or she has learnt to live with people whom he or she never knew.

effects of foster parents

Especially at the initial developing ages, the child notices the way he or she is treated by his or her new parents and he or she realizes the importance of being loved and this helps in wearing of the shyness from a child. The child will thus become sure of himself/ herself even if his or her parents are not around for a while as his confidence would have been built up by then and the child will naturally adapt by making more friends and thus be resistant to loneliness.

Better at Handling Things

being with foster parents, teaches the child to take things in a better manner, to be more patient and understanding. His or her parents set an example for him so he or her would become very good at taking things than any average child of his or her age.

There are no good or bad consequences of being a foster parent as it all depends on the child, his grasping power and understanding. But usually, a child turns out to be way better than you expected him or her to be and things go really well for both of the involved parties. It seems that in our current age we really do have a choice of making the difference in the lives of a child.

We must simply guide the children to make choices as good as possible. We need to be worry free of the consequences of being foster parents. In reality, the child would always be grateful of getting a shelter over his head and the love, care, concern and economic facilities that you provide him/ her with.

Foster parents really are a blessing in the life of a child and they should keep up the good job without worry or fear. You also need not worry about the child’s future as you are upgrading it by leaps and bounds. The child would not have been able to score a good life, ever, if it had not been for you and your generosity over him.