Effective Treatment For Genital Warts

As a rule genital warts occur in clusters and can congregate as large mass on the tissues in genital areas. Even after treatment, they tend to reappear. Treatment of these warts solely depends on where they are located and size.

The doctors usually recommend chemical treatment, in which a chemical solution called Podophyllin Solution is applied on the affected area and is washed away after some hours. This solution should not be used when the woman is pregnant because if it is absorbed, it can cause defects in the child. If the warts are small, they can be frozen with liquid nitrogen before removing or removed through elector-desiccation.

External genital warts are cleaned by Imiquimod, an inducer of interferon, which is a 5 percent cream. Surgical intervention is suggested only when the warts are very large and fail to respond to other treatments. There is also laser surgical treatment for removal of these warts. Resort to it only when the warts are extra large and annoying you.

Prevent the occurrence of these warts by using condoms so that the virus is not transmitted. Some basic facts have to be considered to have knowledge about the genital warts, so that treatment and prevention can be easy. These should include knowledge of transmission of viral infections, treatment procedure, how to ascertain whether the wart has been completely removed, whether the treatment is painful, what are the medications and whether medications will cause pain.

If you know the details, it will be easy to prevent and treat this viral infection. As you are aware now, the disease is contagious and can be transmitted sexually, hence insist on using condoms if you are suspecting your sexual partner. Since the warts can be felt with your hands and sometime they are itchy, any unusual presence of such conditions should be brought to the notice of the doctor so that it is treated soon. The treatment is not painful and it is easy to know whether the wart continues to be there or has been removed.

Having this knowledge, take steps to ensure that you are not infected through unsafe sex, as the condition is transmitted only through sex.