Effective Tips To Dress Like 70’s Fashion

Effective Tips To Dress Like 70’s Fashion

Effective Tips To Dress Like 70’s Fashion

70’s era has a large variety of fashion styles. The vintage clothing of 70’s still attracts people worldwide. The styling of 70’s has some distinctive features like miniskirts, bell bottom pants, platform hill shoes with two to four inches thick hills etc.

Men and women both used to follow these fashion trends extensively. Now, you can get the theme of the era by dressing with 70’s fashion and can flaunt the look that you always desired. There is a large variety to choose from for all sizes and budgets. You can go for any of the following clothing styles which are the most prominent traits of 70’s fashion statement.

You can opt for wild pants including bell bottom pants, short shorts, high hill shoes, tie- dyed shirts, polyester suits or skirts of three different lengths.

Dress Like 70’s

Here, we try to give you some fabulous ideas to create a gorgeous 70’s look for yourself. First of all decide what you want to wear- a skirt, a bell bottom pant or a short. If you are not comfortable with the idea of showing your legs then bell bottoms is going to be your ultimate choice.

Another good idea is to wear hip hugging jeans and decorate it with embroidery or stud. These jeans are usually very tight and fit a few inches bellow the waste line. But if you are opting for skirts then also you have three choices- traditional mini, newly popular midi or the maxi which almost touches the floor.

hip hugging jeans

Now for the upper body part choose tops from a large variety of tops which include halter tops which you can pair with hot pants, sequined bra tops, tube tops etc. You can also wear jump suit which was very popular in 70’s. Men can also wear tight jeans, trousers or loud coloured bell bottoms paired with solid coloured shirts.

Choose Right Accessories For 70’s Fashion

Now when your dress is complete, it is the time to choose the right accessories. With your colourful bell bottom pants you can wear handmade bead belts. You may try a peace sign necklace or surfer’s cross which was a fashion of 70’s. People used to wear those to show the importance of peace in their lives. Another great idea is to use long thin neck scurf or a ribboned choker. You can pair it with a vintage pin on the throat.

long thin neck scurf

Next is the time to wear the most famous item of 70’s, the platform shoes. Women of all ages used to wear those shoes and even men were fond of them. Your shoes need to be glittery, printed or transparent to bring the hue of that era. Those shoes have two to four inches hill which can cause you difficulties to walk but they are sure to give you the desired look.

Make Up For 70’s Fashion

Apart from costume you need to concentrate on 70’s distinctive make up. Your make up have to go with your dress and you have to recreate the hip look of 70’s with your make up. You need to wear heavy eye makeup and you may try frosted shadows, blush and lip colour.

Make Up For 70's Fashion

Now you are ready to rock the party with your 70’s look!