Effective Male Fertility Boosters

Nearly one third of all the fertility problems can be found to be linked to the male partners. Therefore it makes perfect sense to help the male half of the partnership to get his body and health in tip top shape prior to trying to conceive and use all recommend male fertility boosters.

It has been noted by fertility experts that there has been a steady decline over that several decades in the quantity and quality of a man’s sperm. These experts believe that this problem is due to a poor lifestyle. Many people do not get the proper nutrition and exercise.

Here are some tips to help with you increase your chances of conception:

Eat more nutrious food. Drink plenty of water and engage in stress relieving exercise. This will help a man create healthy sperm.

Decrease and eliminate, where possible, the use of alcohol, coffee and tea. The use of drugs like cocaine and marijuana can reduce a man’s testosterone levels. This can reduce the production of sperm and can cause damage to any sperm that is produced.

It takes four months to produce sperm, so it would be good to put your partner on a pre-conception health regime. Here is a list to follow that incorporates known male fertility boosters:

Stay away from hot baths and tight underwear. Wear loose underpants made from cotten. If the testicles overheat, sperm production can decrease.

Test for chlamydia and any other sexually transmitted diseases.

Eat root vegetables and green leafy veggies that are folic acid rich. Consume food such as salmon, avocados, whole grains and aspargus. A deficiency in folic acid could results in a 90% reductiion in sperm production. Increasing the intake of folic acid with a supplement or food consumption can also improve the sperms quality.

Use a supplement that contains selenium, zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and coenzyme Q10.

Take a look at hobbies, habits, and job duties. Certain activities could cause damage to the testicles. Cycling should be eliminated or decreased if you are trying to get your beloved pregnant. It causes the testicles to overheat and can hinder the production of sperm. Sitting still for extended periods can also cause the sperm to become too warm. If the occupation is one that requires long periods of sitting, like that of a taxi driver, take a break every few hours an walk around for a few minutes.

Consult with a doctor for problems that may cause health problems as a result of childhood injuries of health problems. Did you have the mumps, undescended testicle, a hernia, or a groin injury?

Incorporate oily fish into the diet. Foods that are high in essential fatty acids can improve sperm health.

Drink plenty of water. It is needed in order to produce semen and sperm.

Limit alcohol consumption. An occasional beer or glass of wine is harmless, but there is a problem with binge drinking.

Do everything possible to quit smoking. Non-smokers have a higher sperm count that smokers.

By trying to implement these known male fertility boosters you will be taking great strides to overcoming any problems you may be having with conception.