Eco-friendly Clothing


Nature serves humans and is the source of our bare necessities. Nowadays, the global trend is towards saving nature. In the light of this awakening, the trend is changing in textiles from manmade materials to eco-friendly ones. The demand of the consumers is also changing from polyester and conventional cotton to eco-friendly garments. The environmentally conscious shopper has more and more choices.

There are even luxury lines available. Nau is a new designer that has an extended line of clothing. The company is run by executives that previously worked for several name brand companies, such as Nike or Adidas. The line uses fabrics made from natural fabrics like cotton and recycled materials, including soda bottles. There are also items made from a new synthetic material that is derived from corn. The kind of eco-friendly garments are made from different products like Lycocell, Ingeo, and Organic cotton, Hemp, Bamboo and Soy. The fiber that is made of wool-pulp cellulose is known as Lycocell.

This is a good alternative of rayon. Perhaps you are thinking about the definition of “eco-friendly” as it relates to garments. In this context one is talking about garments crafted from natural and fair-trade textiles such as soy, organic cotton and bamboo. Another thing is green clothing that is typically made with one hundred percent organic material like hemp and soy, but some designers have found very creative materials and ways to make these fabrics look and feel like traditional less eco friendly fabrics.

An advantage of the organic cotton is that one doesn’t utilize bug killers in growing it. Regular cotton requires more bug killers than any other item we grow. One third of a pound of chemical substances go into the manufacturing of a simple polo shirt. The term fair-trade is applied to the situation in which workers are paid reasonable salaries for working on the garments that please us so. As said earlier, another eco friendly thing is green clothing that is the latest eco friendly fashion trend that combines high quality designs with socially conscious environmentalism.

Green clothing is a trend that has Hollywood reeling with social consciousness with stars and designers’ alike making a serious commitment to safe manufacturing methods and organically made apparel. Green clothing designers have gone from the back of the store to the front of the pack with unique creative tops and bottom for men and women in flattering styles and vivid colors.