Eat To Make Your Breasts Grow

Eat To Make Your Breasts Grow

Eat To Make Your Breasts Grow

Society has placed such an emphasis on the size of women’s breasts that many women with smaller chests have been made to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious about their small, or what they perceive to be, small breasts. A woman’s breasts are one of her physical attributes that are predominately noticeable. They define and shape a woman’s body. If a woman has small breasts she may be uncomfortable and embarrassed about the size of her breasts. But women with small breasts should not despair.

There is a natural, healthy way to increase their breast size. What’s the secret? It’s in the food that needs to be consumed. Why do some women have small breasts? It’s not necessarily due to their body weight or body frame. Small breasts do not develop into larger breasts because the woman has low levels of estrogen in their body. Estrogen is a hormone that is produced by both men and women, but because women produce more of it than men, they have womanly attributes. The estrogen hormone is what makes a woman a woman. It is responsible for a woman’s breast development and her menstrual cycle.

Increase Estrogen Levels For Breast Growth

When a young girl passes through puberty, her body produces large amounts of estrogen. As a result, her breasts begin to take shape and develop. When a young girl is finished passing through puberty, her estrogen levels drop, and the body stops developing. Girls who pass through puberty quickly tend to have smaller breasts than young girls who have a longer pubescent period. Women with smaller breasts need not worry anymore. They can encourage their breasts to grow well into full womanhood. Estrogen levels decrease after puberty causing the breasts to stop growing.

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Intake Soy Products For Breast Growth

A woman interested in increasing her breast size will need to increase her estrogen levels. The way to do this is to eat foods that are high in estrogen. Luckily, estrogen appears naturally in many foods so it is not difficult to eat to grow larger breasts. By eating certain plants and herbs that contain high amounts of estrogen, a woman may notice her breast size increase by one cup or even up to two cup sizes.

Tofu For Breast Growth

Many foods have estrogen in them naturally, but there are a couple of foods that are recognized as estrogen producing foods. Some of the top food products to consume in order to get the estrogen you need are soy products and flax seeds. Foods such as soy beans and tofu are packed full of estrogen. The woman will also need to stimulate her breast tissues by massaging the breasts or doing breast enhancing exercises.