Easy Tips For Hair Growth

Hair growth tips

Hair growth tips Having long beautiful hair is what everyone desires for. Beautiful hair accessorizes your personality and is one’s natural crown.

But busy life and modern polluted lifestyle is a big hurdle to achieve the goal of long beautiful hair. It requires lots of patience to see the awaited results. Hair growth has a natural life cycle. Hair grows on an average half inch per month.

You cannot alter the natural cycle but you can definitely work upon the things which are damaging your hair. You cannot speed up the hair growth overnight. There are number of reasons behind hair lacking beauty and full growth and that varies from person to person.

Firstly you need to identify those problems inflicting reasons to start working towards them. Most of the time people end up getting frustrated with trying too many product s to enhance their hair growth and get involved in chemical treatments also which only worsens the situation. Here some easy tips for hair growth are being mentioned to ease up the tension of the masses.

Ways To Increase Hair Growth

Hygiene Factor

In order to facilitate hair growth foremost thing needed is to keep them properly clean. Do not let dirt to form layer on your scalp and block breathing of the roots.

Wash them as soon as you feel getting them too much oily or after getting drenched in rain or any exercise. But do not wash them daily as it takes out natural oil from your hair and leaves them dry and frizzy and prone to hair breakage. Wash them 3-4 times a week at its maximum.

Hair Massage

Massaging works wonders for hair growth. Use any oil like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil. Warm the oil a bit. Massage hair scalp with your finger tips.

Hair growth

It stimulates hair follicles and fosters blood supply in them. Massage gently bust gives a lightly hard stroke also to remove the layer of dead skin at the root which hampers hair growth. Use of organic oil is also recommended for lustrous hair.


Comb your hair with hair brush with natural boar bristles. Do not comb wet hair with hair brush. After head bath use wide teeth comb to detangle wet hair. Combing hair scalp stimulates blood circulation and gives more oxygen to scalp for hair growth.

Healthy Diet

Beauty is always an inside out process and the same works for your hair also. The hair outside are simply made up of proteins and are dead cells. So apply anything on hair strand will go bear any fruits. The main alive part is the root of the hair and the hair will grow only when the root is healthy.

Tips for hair growth

Maintain a healthy diet for the purpose. Have lots of fruits and vegetables in your meals. Beans, fish, egg, milk and yogurt are highly rich in proteins and a boon for hair growth. Incorporate these in your diet and your hair will show beautiful thickness with flowing hair.

Drinking Water

Water is the natural therapist for any kind of ailment or problem. Drink lots of water to detoxify the body from any harmful chemicals bottled up in the system. Drink less of coffee, tea or alcohol. Too much intake of these things release harmful chemicals which obstructs the normal functioning of the body including hair growth.

Regular Trimming

Tips for hair growth

Get your hair trimmed every month to get rid of split ends. Split ends enhance hair breakage. Getting free from split ends will lessen the efforts of hair follicles to take care of weak hair to work towards its repair and will make hair healthy.

Vitamin Intake

Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B and biotin are helpful for increasing hair growth. Vitamins supplement the need of body of the shortfall of required vitamins from natural sources and are safe also.

Reduce Stress Level

Today’s life is undoubtedly characterized with high stress levels and the same affects adversely our body balance. Sleeplessness is also the outcome of stress.

Tips for hair growth

Distressing the mind is of utmost important for healthy being. Proper sleep rejuvenates the body of falling energies and charges it up again. Yoga, meditation, walking or swimming helps to release pressure and gives a healthy life to the system.

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Turn Head Upside Down

Turn your head upside down for 2-3 minutes daily and comb thoroughly. It will help the hair oil to come down up to the level of tips of hair strands also. This natural oil gives nourishment for hair growth.

Deep Conditioning

I order to hydrate the strands of hair deep conditioning is required. It can be chemical or natural. Nowadays number of conditioners are available in the market to suit your hair type but do not go too harsh on your hair. Use mild ones only.

Chemical Treatment

Stay away from chemical treatment sunless required. Crimping, Straightening, coloring, and perming destroys the natural texture of hair and make the dull and lifeless. In addition to the above mentioned methods for gearing up hair growth a number of following home remedies help to ease the hair growth:

Take 2-3 aloe-vera leaves and take out their gel. Mix with three tablespoon of honey. Massage gently on the scalp and leave for 40 minutes and rinse with mild shampoo later on. Hair will show better growth in a month’s time only.

Use potato water. Soak potato in water for an hour. Apply that water on your hair and rinse with plain water after ten minutes. It strengths the root of the hair and enable growing process of hair.

Braid up your hair before sleeping and you will see change in your hair length by the end of the month. But the only precaution to be taken is that that do not tie your hair too tightly as it will account for hair breakage.

Crush 4-5 birth control pills and mix in your shampoo. These pills are rich in proteins, vitamins and iron and add to the lushness of hair.

Prepare a mixture of one egg, one teaspoon olive oil and two table spoon of honey and apply on hair scalp. Wash after twenty minutes. It provides natural nourishment for hair growth.

Add a minced onion in your shampoo. It helps in building up the thickness of the hair. Healthy life is the key to long hair. Trying new things to stimulate hair growth is a time consuming process and result of beautiful healthy long hair pays it off eventually.

Surabhi Dutta