Easy Methods for Breast Enhancement


There are two types of methods for breast enhancement- surgical and nonsurgical. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Surgical methods provide you your dream figure immediately while nonsurgical methods help you attain the curves in a natural way without any side effects although they take some time.

The most common method of breast enhancement is surgically putting in breast implants. Breast implants can be customized and tailor-made to suit the requirements of each individual thus giving her maximum satisfaction. The breast implant techniques have improved over the years and now getting breast implants is as common as having any other surgery. The minimum age for this type of breast augmentation surgery is 18 years and the only condition is that the breasts should be fully developed.

During this surgery, implants made of silicone gel or saline are inserted through a cut made in armpit or area around nipple. These implants are placed into a gap created by surgeon behind the chest muscle. This adds shape and volume to smaller/asymmetrical/underdeveloped/disproportionate/sagging/aging breasts thus giving women the bust she desires. The only issue with the implants is that they do not last forever and there is a danger of rupturing or leakage.

Those women who are afraid of the side effects associated with breast implants go for natural methods of breast enhancement. Estrogen therapy is another medically proven technique to augment the breast but generally doctors do not prescribe this as estrogen not only enhances breast growth but also stimulate growth in uterus which might lead to uterine cancer. That’s why women usually go for herbal products widely available in market. These products contain phytoestrogen which are converted into estrogen and thus enhances the breasts.

Most of the breast enhancement products are in the form of pills, creams, powder supplements or shakes. Breast enhancement pill or bust pills help the breasts to enhance in a natural way as if the woman is pregnant. They can increase the breast size by as much as two cups. Breast enhancement cream also works on the same principle as it has the same ingredients of herbs. The cream has to be applied on the breasts daily and can be used with or without pills.

Nowadays a new technique of breast augmentation is getting popular. It is called BRAVA system. It has a bra with two plastic domes attached to a suction pump. This bra has to be worn for 10 hours per day for 10 weeks for the result to be seen.