Dry Skin


skinrejuvention Dry skin is caused by a deficiency of water in the skin.  Skin can be made even drier by the wind, excessive sun exposure, and water.  While dry skin should be cleaned every night, it is best not to use cold water or soap. 

Mineral water is excellent for cleaning dry skin.  After cleaning with mineral water, an alcohol-free moisturizer should be slathered gently on the face, neck, and other exposed body areas.


•    Medications
•    Harsh cleaning products
•    Harsh cosmetics
•    Lack of moisturizer
•    Disease
•    Extremely hot water


•    Tight skin (skin looks and feels tight)
•    Dull, colored skin
•    Reddened, flaky, or peeling skin
•    Itchy skin

Home remedies

Blend banana and papaya to create a puree.  Dab the puree on the skin and let it sit for half an hour.

Then rinse the area with warm water.  You can substitute margarine or vegetable oil for moisturizer.   Cucumber slices can be used on facial areas, especially around the eyes.

The cucumber tightens and refreshes the skin. Massage mayonnaise into areas of dry skin.  Leave it on for half an hour and then wash off with warm water.

Mix half a teaspoon of honey with an egg yolk and one tablespoon of powdered milk.  Apply this paste and allow it to sit for half an hour.  Wash off with water. Apply the pulp of a raw papaya onto the area to purify the skin.

Do not use tap water to clean dry skin – use mineral water instead.  Do not apply hot water to your skin – use cool or lukewarm water instead. When applying moisturizer to dry skin, use your fingers to massage it into the skin.

Do not use harsh cleaning products or harsh cosmetics on your dry skin.

Always use a creamy, alcohol-free moisturizer on your skin each night after washing. Do not expose your dry skin to extreme weather conditions (hot or cold).

Check your prescription medications – one of them could be causing your skin to dry out.  Keep yourself and your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water (up to 10 glasses per day).