Dry hair prevention


dryhair Hair is said to contain a moisture level of around ten percent. Anything below that and your hair can be termed as dry hair. Dry hair is primarily caused by over exposure to heat, dust, and chemicals.

Protecting Hair: During the summer always wear a hat or carry an umbrella to protect your hair, against the heat as the sun reduces the moisture in the hair.

Apply a leave in conditioner containing sunscreen to protect the hair. Similarly, during winter wear a cap, scarf, or hat to cover your hair against the harsh winds.

Chlorine also tends to affect the hair hence always wear a cap while swimming. Immediately after swimming wash and condition hair.

Washing Hair: It is not required that you wash your hair everyday. Wash as and when required i.e. only when hair is dirty or greasy. Conditioning hair after a wash is important.

Use products that contain humectants as they replenish lost moisture. As far as possible use, a mild shampoo and be gentle while washing hair. Deep condition your hair at least once a month.

Hot oil treatment is very effective in keeping the hair hydrated. Eggs are natural moisturizers that help in keep hair well moisturized. A hair pack made of mashed bananas and yogurt is very effective in conditioning your hair. Acidifiers help lock moisture in the hair.

Avoid dryers and chemicals: Avoid excessive usage of a hair dryer, straightening iron, or curling iron. If required use them at a low heat though it is preferable to let your hair dry naturally.

Frequent coloring, perming, or straightening of hair also dries hair. Let your hair dry naturally as far as possible.

Diet: Consume foods that are rich in Vitamin E like wheat based food items, Vitamin B12 rich foods like meat, fish, poultry, and dairy products, also copper rich food like lamb, liver, lobster, black pepper, and zinc rich foods like red meats nuts and legumes.

Include oil in all forms in your diet either in your salad or on your bread. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water per day. This will help to keep your hair hydrated.

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