Dressing up pretty for the party


Holiday season is nearing and everyone has invited you for the party apart from the one you are hosting. How to look pretty for the party? Here are the tips:

a)    Pamper your skin: Your legs and shoulders require lot of pampering. To wear those beautiful dresses for the party, you require sleek legs. Therefore, start using shimmer lotion right away. Similarly, use glistening powder like Tarte and get glowing arms and shoulders. Now, you can wear the sleeveless top without any fuss.

b)    Silky and shiny hair: After skin, it’s hair that has to be nourished. You may either increase the volume of your hair or make it wavy or just wear a ponytail or make some curls. There are lots of ideas when it comes to hair dressing and you can choose one depending on the occasion and how it suits you. Take for example, you took a shower and want to maintain the wet look but alas, your hair is now dry; how to get back the wet look. Pretty simple…take some gel or cream and slick you hair with this. Your hair has got the wet look again.

c)    Makeup: Skin has been pampered and you have set with a beautiful hair-do also, what’s next? If you have already worn a makeup, don’t cleanse now. Just smog little water or toner to your face. Apply a cream concealer. Now, what you do is make your eyes look special. For this, use pencil and rim both the lashes and smudge it by using your finger. Use a bright colored lipstick rather than going in for dull colors. It will brighten your face. Apply some mascara and trim your eyebrows. Arched brows will give you a glamorous look. Polish your nails neatly. Before applying nail polish, remove the remaining polish that you have in your nails, apply polish, rub oil or cream; this will add luster and make it look natural.

d)    Party kit: You are all set to attend the party; before you start to the party, prepare a party kit that contains foundation, blush, mascara, lip gloss, highlighting cream, cream to style your hair, elastic rubber bands and then yo-yo in the party.