Does Your Child Have a Learning Disability


learningdisability A learning disability is a problem that impacts the way a child learns and functions.  It affects the way they comprehend words and speech, how they listen, read, and write, and how they store information and process it.  A child who has a learning disability is in no way unintelligent. 

They have the intelligence; they are just unable to fully exhibit it due to the fact that their brain has difficulty in processing the information it is given.  The signs of a learning disability can affect any child.

It could be just a phase they are passing through or a lack of attention.  If the problem persists and begins to greatly affect their development, then it is time to have them evaluated by a professional.

Children with learning disabilities show key signs.  This article discusses some signs of learning disabilities.  This information will help you determine whether or not your child has a learning disability.

Pay attention to how a child digests the information you give them and how they respond to it.  If you ask them a question, see if they respond with the proper answer.

Play a name game.  Show them an object or a color and ask them to tell you what it is.

A child with a learning disability may hesitate for a while before answering.  Does your child shy away from educational activities such as reading?  Do they have a hard time with tasks such as coloring or drawing?

Observe your child’s motor skills.  Do they have a hard time forming words or following a moving object with their eyes?  What is your child’s attention span like?

Can they focus on what you are saying and doing, or does their interest stray?  When you tell your child something, are they able to repeat the request to you, or do they draw a blank?  Check their progress in school.

Are they able to keep up with their classmates or do they lag behind?  Write down a few letters, numbers and words.  Is the child able to repeat them back as they are written, or do they respond with the reverse?

Learning disabilities need to be addressed as soon as they are sensed.  There are activities and professionals that can help the child work with their learning disability.